Acer Aspire One drops to $350 (and $330 without XP)

You may stop emailing now to report that the Acer Aspire One with WIndows XP is now only $350, and on offer in real-life Best Buy stores. Thank you. Product Page [Best Buy]

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6 Responses to Acer Aspire One drops to $350 (and $330 without XP)

  1. Infamous Brad says:

    FYI, looks like has it for $20 less.

  2. dacker says:

    I looked at one with WinXP about 10 days ago at a Circuit City B&M, not a BestBuy(WorstBuy). I ordered a Lenovo S10 last week instead.

  3. geekd says:

    But where can I get the pillow pictured on the screen?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Funny review from a Top 100 review whore.. err, contributor.. on the Best Buy page:

    “Compare this to a macbook air. You get the small size with the same memory same hard drive same processor. IF a big screen isnt a big deal, then this is for you.


    A dual core laptop with such portability and features like a webcam, SD card reader and microphone should go for much more than this, get one while you can!”

    I’m pretty sure the Macbook Air doesn’t use an Atom processor. And I’m pretty sure the Atom isn’t a dual core architecture. LOL.

  5. royaltrux says:

    Getting really close…wish it had a solid state hard drive…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was looking at one in Best Buy yesterday, and I would have brought one home, but the 8.9″ screen leaves so much bezel that it looks really cheap. Why couldn’t they squeeze a 10″ screen in there?

    (FWIW, I just got a Lenovo X300 for work and I have the same complaint there, there is so much bezel that it feels like they went cheap, why not reduce the bezel and get a 14″ or 15″ screen in there???)

    Is it just me, or should bezel be reduced as much as possible on *any* laptop?

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