Commie tech wonders from the fabled east

The computer history section in Warsaw's Muzeum Techniki has everything you ever wanted, except the big fresnel lens. From Retro Thing:
the first transistor-based differential equation analyzer ... AKAT-1 is an analog computer. Back in the 1960s, this approach offered speed and acceptable accuracy without the complexity of digital logic.The result was a device that could solve relatively complex differential equations in real time, as long as you weren't after precise values. Alas, time has passed it by and it now leads a life of leisure...
Gallery [via Gadget Lab and Retro Thing]

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11 Responses to Commie tech wonders from the fabled east

  1. Captain Squiffy says:

    The other teachers at my school would be jealous if I had modern computers like that stuff, rather than the standard issue public school junk we use.


  2. Downpressor says:

    Looks like a cross between my elementary school desk and an MCI mixer of the same era.

  3. WeightedCompanionCube says:

    wasn’t that in Brazil

  4. cephaloid says:

    What’s that on the floor? Looks like some secret message tape

  5. Alan says:

    It’s… it’s so beautiful…

  6. farrellmcgovern says:


    I would love to build a studio with a board looking like that…image a DAW console with fully motorized sliders…….

  7. Otter says:

    Dang! While we were drawing the Jetsons, they were building the Jetsons.

  8. btb says:

    Uhh, digital computers have finite precision too.

  9. Falcon_Seven says:

    Anyone who would like to translate the code on the tape image on the floor of the picture should start with a Baudot reference. You’ll probably be able to determine after a few characters whether it’s in US or CCITT/ITU code -bets are on the latter.

  10. btb says:

    The thing on the floor is Punched tape

    somebody should translate what it says

  11. Not a Doktor says:

    I want to gut that and make the hippest synth ever.

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