Dell Mini-Inspiron running Ubuntu in the wild

Engadget has posted up some leaked insider shots of the Dell Mini-Inspiron Netbook (still MIA, dammit) running Ubuntu Netbook. The slathering of Ubuntu on a netbook is satisfying in a peanut butter meets bacon sort of way, but the real news is a system profile shot, in which it appears that the Mini-Inspiron's Atom chip supports hyperthreading... which would appear to make it the first Atom netbook to support the technology. Unless that's the first dual core Atom netbook we're looking at. Dell Mini Inspiron Caught Running Ubuntu in the wild [Engadget]
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8 Responses to Dell Mini-Inspiron running Ubuntu in the wild

  1. michaelportent says:

    Ubuntu on this baby seems REALLY appealing. Even XP on the Atom should run well if Dell will ship it that way.

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    I gave up on waiting myself and picked up a Nokia N810.

    When my notebook dies I’ll consider one of these.

  3. w000t says:

    Ouch, that keyboard *is* pretty tortured. I can’t even spot the aforementioned quote key. Another key that seems to be missing altogether is the tilde (~/`). With Windows, that might not be a big deal at all, but with Ubuntu or any other Unix variant, that’s kind of annoying.

  4. dacker says:

    I gave up waiting for Dell and ordered a Lenovo S10 last week. The S10 holds 2X the RAM of the Dell.

  5. Skwid says:

    I was way interested in this little guy…until a friend of mine pointed out that they moved the quote key. I cannot live without an appropriately placed apostrophe/quote key!

  6. Enochrewt says:

    @ #1: no… No…. NOOOOOOOO!!!! You’ve ruined it! I will never be able to type on that keyboard, and if I manage to learn somehow, I’ll never be ale to type on any other keyboard! My dreams of owning a Dell mini-insperion have officially been vanquished.

    [insert animated gif of head exploding here]

  7. Anonymous says:

    What kind of trash reporting is this? My MSI Wind with the Atom has hyperthreading, and it was one of the very first netbooks with the Atom in it.

  8. musicalwoods says:

    Wow, that is a dumb place for a quote key. Hopefully they fix that before it ships or in their next revision. I was going to suggest this to my dad for a travel pc, but now… I just don’t know.

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