Media Street eMotion emulates games, plays MP3s, charges your gadgets

The Media Street eMotion is a green-friendly GamePark and a solar powered iPod in one. For $169.99, you get a 5.5" by 3.1" portable media player capable of playing all your MP3s, AVI files and MP4s, as well as built-in emulators for the NES, GameBoy, GameBoy Color and Sega Master Drive. Better yet, the solar panel can be used not only to charge itself but other devices as well. That's a rather interesting pedigree: a ROM-emulating power brick with MP3 playback capability... so implausible a feature set that I can't help but want one a teensy bit. Media Street EM-SOL2GIG eMotion 2GB Solar Powered Media Player & Battery Charger [Amazon via technabob]
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3 Responses to Media Street eMotion emulates games, plays MP3s, charges your gadgets

  1. Not a Doktor says:

    this looks good, I’ve been looking for a better way to share video in meatspace as the ipod requires headphones and my cellphone isn’t quite large, loud, and vibrant enough.

    I’ll wait for the price to lower as I feel that anything over $100 isn’t really worth to let someone else handle.

  2. Andrew says:

    Not really that implausible but probably violates copyrights.

    The JXD players have been doing this for a while. The JXD 301 is the first one that pops into my mind. Some emulators work better than others.

  3. Enochrewt says:

    I really like this. I’d purchase it quickly if it had like 58GB more storage space.

    Does it flip open? It looks like it flips open or something.

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