Remote Control Star Trek Enterprise: To Boldly Go... Until The Battery Runs Out

Captain's log, $tardate 79.99. Our position, unknown. Sucked through some kind of... rift... the Enterprise finds itself drifting in unknown space, shrunk down like cosmic Liliputians, hounded by monstrous, troglodytic Brobdingnagians, leaping up and down and batting their sticky hands at us. Attempting to flee, our port warp nacelle was struck by some kind of spinning, fan-like doomsday device, flinging us to the very end of this dimension's space-time: a solid wall past which, Spock speculates, "reality" and "existence" has yet to seep. Surrounded by bodies, Bones gibbers idiotically about alternate career paths, while that flatulent haggis of a Starfleet Engineer drunkenly stumbles through every embarrassing highland stereotype on his way to actually fixing the damn engines, which can suddenly only power the Enterprise for 15 minutes at a a time. Meanwhile, we have been set upon by some sort of grotesque hell hound. Helm control minimal, our course and path is clearly in the hands of one of this dimension's galaxy-sized colossi. Morale is low: I grimly consider shooting Chekov for the crew's amusement. Star Trek Remote Control USS Enterprise Vehicle [Entertainment Earth]
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4 Responses to Remote Control Star Trek Enterprise: To Boldly Go... Until The Battery Runs Out

  1. inthenexus says:

    we got to see this RC Enterprise fly over our heads at the Star Trek Convention in Vegas last August- It appeared to have great maneuverability and looked like lots of fun. The four foot version was also on display-it’s huge! You just have to overlook the two giant propellers in the middle of the saucer section… I’m looking forward to getting one for my birthday this year!

  2. Bucket says:

    Lucky for them, the dog had just eaten a cheese sandwich.

  3. rsquare says:

    What if a Starfleet crew member had a blog and wasn’t afraid to tell the truth about space travel?

  4. frankiez says:

    This RC toy, spotted by TREK MOVIE during COMICON, is produced by MATTEL :

    The release date is supposed to be may 2009.

    Beam my up Scotty!

    “It was just in June that CBS announced their new Star Trek licensing deal with Mattel, the world’s largest toy company, and we have already seen the beginnings of the 20Q product and this week at Comic Con Mattel are showing off prototypes of their very cool line of Tyco RC Flyer toys, which apparently have started new some new rumors, which we will debunk.

    Fly your own Enterprise – but not the new movie Enterprise…yet
    Mattel’s Tyco is planning on four different flying Enterprise toys for release in early 2009. The entry-level toy, called the ‘Power Charger,’ is $20 and comes has no radio controller. You just charge it up and it flies around in a circle. For $40 you get the same toy but with an R/C controller. This standard model will also come available as a Klingon Bird of Prey. There is a Deluxe Enterprise for $70 which is a bit bigger and of better construction, plus you get a very cool controller that is shaped like a TOS communicator and you control the flight via a touch-screen. There is also a Tricorder which acts as the charger. And if that wasn’t cool enough, there is a giant 4 foot version which comes with the same communicator and Tricorder.”

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