Stylish USB joypad

Dream Cheeky's silver-finish USB gamepad is probably the closest any such device will ever get to "tasteful." A 6-foot cable, OSX drivers and rubber base suggest that the makers have thought things through a little, but the d-pad looks terrible. Product Page [Dream Cheeky via technabob]

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6 Responses to Stylish USB joypad

  1. Downpressor says:

    Looks about as comfy to use as the original NES “cross of pain”

  2. Not a Doktor says:

    cue the sega fanboys bitching about it favoring a SNES design

  3. Itsumishi says:

    Yeah got to agree with BTB here. That thing ain’t tasteful. It like calling cheap crappy plastic gold fittings for your bathroom tasteful.

  4. btb says:

    I think you are mistaking tasteful for “classy” (i.e. cheesy)

    I’ll stick with this piece of beautiful hardware:,en

  5. jplkeekif says:

    That cannot be comfortable, I still say my favorite pc gamepad is the xbox 1 controller, you don’t even have to buy an adapter, just cut the original cable and solder on a usb connector (the colors even match!), best part is the driver lets you adjust the dead zone so you don’t get that random twich that happens with so many regular gamepads

  6. zuzu says:

    Um, aren’t the Sony Playstation DualShock / SixAxis controllers USB + Bluetooth now?

    (So you don’t even need a Playstation-to-USB adapter from whatever import-export companies took over from Lik-Sang.)

    Why would anyone want this crap, by comparison? Just get a DualShock 3.

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