Ten for the lunch break

• Olympus's 1050 SW shockproof, waterproof 10 megapixel camera is sexy and stark. And $300 . • Stephen Fry, celebrated Englishman, prefers the Nintendo DS to Sony's PSP. • Wired's Threat Level reminds everyone that the Democratic National Convention will be packed with recording gadgets of every kind. Every gaffe, slip and pratfall will be broadcast worldwide at the speed of Internet. • Firebox has original replica stylophones in. • Canon's four new cameras are "oppressively mundane," says Engadget's Paul Miller. • The iPhone's grim 3G performance is, perhaps predictably, AT&T's iPhault. • A judge in New Zealand, David Harvey, applies differential standards of free speech online and off, because online can be searched more easily. • Inexplicable USB snake is inexplicable. • The Russian army, big on manpower but still sending ancient crumbling deathtraps into battle, is using inflatable full-size models of vehicles to keep spy satellites guessing about capabilities and movements. • A solar-powered airplane stayed aloft for 83 hours and 37 minutes, smashing the world record.

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2 Responses to Ten for the lunch break

  1. glu says:

    Rob, is this a once daily column or just a special treat for today?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry … New Zealand is not bound by the United States Constitution or Bill of Rights.

    It’s a whole separate country.

    There is no such thing as “free speech” in New Zealand in the way that it is commonly used in the United States.

    That’s why freedom-loving people everywhere want to come to Oakland, and not Aukland.

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