Comic Reader Apps on iPhone? Suck.

Wired's Charlie Sorrel, who owes me five euros, has apparently spent it on comic book reading apps for the iPhone, which goes far to explain the strange prose stylings of his collective review of a couple of iPhone comic reader apps:
Is the iPhone a good platform for reading comic books?!?! Probably not, but that isn't stopping developers from having a crack at bringing the funnies to your pocket. BAM! The problem is that the iPhone's screen, while great for reading plain-text ebooks, is just a little too small for comic book pages! KABLOOIE! Part of comics' impact is the full, two-page spread which allows for spacing and pacing of the story. But a full two pages is obviously too much for the iPhone's screen! BAM! You can zoom in to read the individual frames, but that's kind of a pain! POTRZEBIE!
If you're interested in reading comics on your iPhone, check it out, though Charlie seems a tad disappointed that his extensive Cherry Poptart collection was essentially "unreadable" on every app he tried. Comic Books on the iPhone? No Thanks [Gadget Lab]
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14 Responses to Comic Reader Apps on iPhone? Suck.

  1. Amplifier says:

    < a href="">Here is a comic designed for the iPhone. I’m impressed by the pencils/inks layers, something you can’t do on paper.

  2. Amplifier says:

    Ah, it stripped my link out at #10. Guess I should have previewed.
    I was trying to Link to this video on Murderdrome.
    That has been designed for the iPhone.
    Unfortunately it looks like Apple has banned it.
    Apple sure are ban happy aren’t they?

  3. shutz says:

    oh, oh, and after we get comics intentionally designed and formatted for the iPhone screen, the next step is comics that were created on the iPhone itself!

  4. shutz says:

    I guess what this means is that there’s an opening for someone to come up with a comic that is perfectly-formatted for the iPhone and IPod Touch.

    A “podcomic”, if you will.

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    You had me at POTRZEBIE!

  6. Lea Hernandez says:

    Wow, Charlie can’t manage to write a review without the “a sign is here to mark the place where the dead horse was” BIFF BAM POW cliches so beloved by second-rate writers everywhere else.

    It’s not that comics are unreadable on the iPhone, it’s that the comics Charlie was reading on the iPhone looked like shit. Charlie’s right in that two-page spreads will look like shit on a small screen. Charlie’s wrong that “Part of comics’ impact is the full, two-page spread which allows for spacing and pacing of the story.” There is so much more to comic storytelling than two-page spreads.

    “…read the individual frames…”

    Those would be panels.

  7. dculberson says:


    I love the potrzebie, too.

  8. Halloween Jack says:

    I think we know why his Cherry Poptart issues are unreadable in the original medium. (My own copy of Cherry Poptart #1 is still readable, but stained with python urine. Don’t ask.)

  9. Downpressor says:

    sorry but I cant take this seriously. anyone who regularly reads comics knows why this wouldnt be appropriate.

  10. Lea Hernandez says:

    C’mon, Rob, Charlie’s review had the dumb. I was mean to the review, not the dude.

  11. devophill says:

    I see what you did there.

  12. Rob Beschizza says:

    Lea, if you are mean to Charlie again I will fetch the disemconsonantatorizer.

  13. John Brownlee says:

    The sad thing is: Charlie didn’t use all those POW! words. I inserted them into the quote as a joke. HA HA, CHARLIE!

  14. Lea Hernandez says:

    You are a bad person, John Brownlee. BAD.

    Sorry, er Charlie.

    Frames are still panels, though.

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