Exilim Cellphone hits FCC

Casio's Exilim lineup of cameras is all a modicum of quality in the smallest possible form. Its forthcoming W63CA cellphone, then, will make for an interesting change: only Sony Ericsson pushes particularly hard on the cam-phone convergence front, and its high-quality models are not very thin at all. Here's the FCC approval documentation, which reveals a startlingly slim machine – especially when you consider the 8 megapixel sensor.
Sure, megapixels are a shabby measure, artificially inflated at the cost of quality by forcing crummy sensors to do more work with less light. But still, isn't it a cutie? Japanese carrier KDDI is stamped on the sticker, but that it's been slapped on the FCC's desk offers hope we'll see it stateside. Casio's 8 megapixel Exilim W63CA cellphone gets FCC approved [Engadget]

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5 Responses to Exilim Cellphone hits FCC

  1. CraziestGadgetsdotcom says:

    it’s about time someone made a phone with a good camera built in that’s not the size of a brick.

  2. technogeek says:

    Looks like they’re trying to make it a camera with a phone, rather than a phone with a camera. Interesting approach. As always, the question is going to be how well it performs in both modes.

    Wonder who the lens is from. Casio had sense enough to subcontract the lenses on some of their earlier cameras to Canon, with fairly good results.

  3. jrishel says:

    what OS will this beautiful chimera run?

  4. Rob Beschizza says:

    Not sure. They made an east-only one a bit like this, but somewhat fatter, last year, and I think it was special sauce.

  5. jrishel says:

    Casio isn’t a member of the OHA, are they? I’m have a beautiful dream that this baby could run Android.

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