Modern games go GameBoy

A wonderful Photoshop contest over at the Pixelation forums: modern video games go pea soup GameBoy, with entries (among others) for Guitar Hero, BioShock, ICO, Okami, Sam & Max and Flashback. This one is Bioshock... I would play the fuck out of that port. Modern Games on Gameboy Thread [Pixelation via Gearfuse]
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4 Responses to Modern games go GameBoy

  1. caipirina says:

    the intro should be ” A year ago, over at Pixelations Forum …”

    That contest appears to have been from sept 2007 and lots of pics are already gone (from their photobucket and whatnot locations) …

    But cool nonetheless

  2. frankiez says:

    @caipirina: meme track is:

    InsertCredit posted about this a week ago (pointing that it was an old competition)…

    After that other geek websites sniffed the news… anyway it’s a cool news!

  3. Garr says:

    Cool news. But in the future, please refrain from upscaling pixel art. It defeats the purpose. Maybe simply create a mosaique of multiple images to get the minimum size you need for a post.

    Back to topic, some of those images look like the respective game would’ve been fun!

  4. mistercharlie says:

    You can upscale pixel art in Photoshop. Just set the resampling option in the “Image Size” dialog to “Nearest Neighbor”.

    That is all.

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