Wired reviews Palm Treo Pro. Verdict: stylish, not very good

Steven Leckart plays with Palm's new flagship handset for a while, and finds it a middling and compromised device: "this re-worked, dolled-up device is as good as it gets for the once-mighty smartphone company." Good is its slim form, decent camera, battery life, real headphone jack, turn-by-turn GPS and the fact that, as an unlocked machine, it belongs to you, not your carrier. Bad are the touchscreen, laggy menu navigation and its "greasy" obisidan finish.

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One Response to Wired reviews Palm Treo Pro. Verdict: stylish, not very good

  1. Jeff says:

    Link in the post isn’t a URL, the story seems to be at http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2008/08/review-palm-tre.html

    I finally replaced my old phone with a Palm Centro last month and am very happy with it (and the Palm OS). It seems that Palm is vacillating between using Palm OS and Windows Mobile on its new phone, hopefully they’ll keep making some models with Palm OS (or that Window’s Mobile actually becomes a worthwhile OS for a phone).

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