Silliest cellphone accessories

Al Sacco selects the silliest cellphone accessories to grace our Earth before resting in its landfills, with such thrills as the Blackberry-waterproofing aquapack, iPhone finger condoms, and an unpleasant stylus. Unfortunately, the list is one of those arduous one-item per page reloadshows. See if you can get past five without screaming! Silliest Smartphone Accessories: How to Humiliate a BlackBerry, Embarrass an iPhone [CIO]

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7 Responses to Silliest cellphone accessories

  1. CraziestGadgetsdotcom says:

    “arduous one-item per page reloadshows”

    can we rename those “advertising bilking artificial page view increasers” or something similar.

  2. Tralala says:

    As a dingy sailor and Blackberry user, the Blackberry Aquapac is very useful. Did the list complier run out of ideas as the other items are quite apt.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, I gotta join the Aquapac crowd here also. Although not for the avoidance of a watery fate for any equipment; quite the opposite. This past spring, my daughter journeyed to China for a month with her performing arts high school. They spent half the time in Inner Mongolia, right at the edge of the Gobi Desert. Having been warned by previous groups, the kids outfitted themselves with Aquapac enclosures for their cameras, PDAs, etc., as a deterrent to the insidiously evil, microscopic sand that creeps into and disables almost everything there. The nice feature was that they could still operate their cameras while still in the Aquapacs, and the photos suffered 0% quality loss.

  4. Harrkev says:

    Agreed. I used to use a dry-bag to hold a cell phone when I would go out on my tiny itsy-bitsy catamaran. Silly it might be, but that is preferable to not having a cell phone, or getting a phone ruined by the salt water.

  5. DragonVPM says:

    This list tries way too hard to find fault with its entries. Some are intentionally silly (at which point making fun of them seems like it’s missing the point) and the rest look like items that solve very specific “problems” that most people may not have, but aren’t really silly (most notably the Aquapac as previous comments have pointed out).

  6. historyman68 says:

    The iPhone breathalyser’s made of Fail, though. That can’t be cheaper than a real breathalyser.

  7. Halloween Jack says:

    The iPhone finger condoms are finger cots that were repackaged; they weren’t invented for it.

    I like that rocktaculous phone holster. If I could go to work dressed like Rob Halford, I’d wear it every day.

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