Philips Essence is beautifully thin

Philips' news Essence HDTV is practically Gouda-thin at a diminutive 38 millimeters thick. Philips is going for the wall mounting crowd with this one (a club I'll soon be joining myself): it weighs only 36 pounds, includes a self-leveling mounting kit, and features a single cable that connects to a media hub and provides power, audio and video. No price yet, but HDTVs aren't horse flesh: you pay more for less in the gizmo game. Philips Essence [Crunchgear]
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5 Responses to Philips Essence is beautifully thin

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sony just announced its thin HDTV panels:

    The 40″ panel is only 9.9 mm thick! But it costs about $4500.

  2. historyman68 says:

    thermidorthelobster: Your comment is a work of art. Or maybe you’re just English. But it was so well-constructed and easy to read, I had to tell you.

  3. thermidorthelobster says:

    “Self-leveling mounting kit”. Hmm. I’m envisioning a single hole at the top dead centre of the casing, which you hook over a nail.

    What happens if your floors are on the wonk and you want to make the telly parallel to the floor? I used to live in a house where carelessly placed golf balls would exit stage right.

  4. pupdog says:

    Since Philips has recently signed over its North American TV operations to Funai, I’m guessing this’ll be one of those ‘Europeans always get cooler shit’ items…

  5. Anonymous says:

    #1 assumes equal weight across the width.

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