Apple and AT&T working on official iPhone tethering plan

Apple pretty quickly dragged the iPhone tethering app back behind the App Store shed, pressed a muzzle to its temple and pulled the trigger until the barrels went 'click, click.' Predictable, really. But do Apple and AT&T have any plans to offer tethering to their iPhone customers? After all, they already offer the service to their Blackberry customers? If not, where's the hold up: Apple or AT&T? An annoyed Gizmodo reader sent Steve Jobs an email, asking what the deal was. Jobs' response was curt and to the point: "We agree [with all of your points] and are discussing it with ATT." My guess is AT&T isn't going to sneeze at an extra $30 or so a month to charge their tethered iPhone customers, but AT&T is having enough of a headache keeping their 3G smooth without having to deal with Joe Poopsock's iPhone-tethered World of Warcraft raids. When the 3G issues for regular iPhone customers are fixed, they'll turn their attention to tethering. Rumor: Apple and AT&T developing iPhone tethering plan [Gizmodo]
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2 Responses to Apple and AT&T working on official iPhone tethering plan

  1. mesh says:

    Having read both your article and the one you link to as source, I still haven’t got the faintest idea what “tethering” means in this context.

  2. Caroline says:

    Mesh, it means being able to use your phone’s data plan to connect your laptop to the internet.

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