The office supplies of tomorrow

io9's Stephanie Fox illustrates Annalee Newitz's roundup of what lies around the office of tomorrow.
Twenty-five years from now, your lust for office supplies will not have diminished. By then you'll be jonesing for the Macbook File Folder (pictured) and DNA-sequencing fountain pens. We've cranked up our brain implants to eleven and looked deep into the future to figure out which items will be must-haves in offices all over the world in the year 2033.
The hook is that paper is gone – not because of silly fancies about the paperless office, but simply because we can't afford it anymore! Six Office Supply Fetishes of the Future [io9]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Paper will never die, I tell you. It’s too aesthetically appealing. It may be something only artists use, but I would predict that it will stick around. I sound like a dinosaur, but a book isn’t just a book. It’s an artifact.

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