1940s phone assembles itself to industrial soundtrack

micromov004 - Assemblage #1 from Chris Randall on Vimeo. In Chris Randall's mesmerizing music video, Micronaut: Assemblage #1, an old-timey animation from 1947 of a phone assembling itself is set to a modern sountrack. "I went and kited some footage from the Prelinger archive and made new music for it," he writes at his website. Some New Micronaut For You... [Chris Randall via jwz]

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8 Responses to 1940s phone assembles itself to industrial soundtrack

  1. Downpressor says:

    The nice thing about being Chris Randall is you do this and you get linked all over the place. I did this a few years ago (look for my name on youtube), but so did many others. Then again, CR is a far better musician/producer than me so it shouldnt be any surprise that people namecheck him over me…

  2. AirPillo says:

    Smart marketing. Someone’s made a new fan.

  3. themindfantastic says:

    Its work like this which totally make the Prelinger Archive amazing, not just that its there, but it can be played with, and older stuff can be utilized again and again into new and cool stuff.

  4. Jake0748 says:

    VERY nice! I was also wondering about how the got the carbon bits to jump into that hole at about 1:25.

  5. Jake0748 says:

    Hey Rob, the link to the Prelinger Archive is FUBAR.

  6. spaceling says:

    Just wondering if Chris Randall described his music as “industrial.” Back in the day we used to call this sort of music ambient/IDM.

  7. acb says:

    @Spaceling: Sister Machine Gun used to be industrial, in the NIN vein. They were signed to WaxTrax, a well-known Chicago-based industrial label of the 1990s.

    Though I agree, it’s not quite cold, harsh or dystopian to be properly industrial.

  8. kaiza says:

    Wow. Absolutely fantastic.

    Gotta admit I misread the title as 1940s Watch… so I was a bit confused for the first few seconds. Would love to know some of the stop motion techniques used – esp. the carbon granules filing into the mic.

    Also – a cordless phone in the 1940s? ^^

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