Another Swarovski marketing solution: Swarovski-brand contact lenses

Challenge: can you get an idiot to pay to rub crushed glass in his eyes? Solution: Swarovski-branded contact lenses. Swarovski Contact Lenses [Miami Magazine via Born Rich]
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8 Responses to Another Swarovski marketing solution: Swarovski-brand contact lenses

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    It doesn’t get any cornea than that I suppose.

  2. monstrinho_do_biscoito says:

    one of the dangers of contact lens is that you can put them in your eyes inside out if you’re not careful.

    nothing like grinding cut glass into the cornea

  3. SamSam says:

    That’s actually pretty cool, I must say, assuming it’s safe. The all-the-way-around version looks a little too cybernetic, however.

    Now when is an LED version going to go up on instructables?

  4. Garr says:

    Yay… I can already see crowds of 17-year old girlies going all wide eyed and insisting this is the new trend.
    In my view, this is as stupid as sticking false gems on your teeth (though not so ugly as putting a ring through your nose like some bovine mutant)

  5. says:

    Mm, nothing like a little aesthetic discrimination. Good one, Garr — ten points.

    Aside from that; isn’t the weirdest thing that these contacts, ultimately, make a wearer look like they have Brushfield spots? Now that’s an intriguing style choice!

  6. siliconsunset says:

    The New Jersey is strong with this one…

    How long before the Italian Super-Saiyan crowd, and their “girlfriends”, buy all of these?

  7. carriem says:

    Didn’t William Gibson already come up with this?

    Or wait, that was designer EYES with glinty bits, not lenses. I think it’s neato. Not for myself, natch…

  8. Rodney says:

    Is this a new meme: find the stupidest behavior you can and attribute it to a crazy dare?

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