New iPod Nano design all but confirmed by major iPod accessory manufacturer

In the welfare halls where Korean gadget merchants with dot-matrix signs spend the IFA lazily snoring, Engadget en Espanol spotted about as official a confirmation of the iPod Nano 4G's new form-factor as you can get: major iPod accessory manufacturer Hama was showing off their official line of cases for the new Nano. As Wired's Gadget Lab notes: "This isn't just some fly-by-night Chinese knockoff merchant: Hama is a venerable and well respected company." I think we can safely take it as read this is the real look of the new Nano. The real question for me is whether the Classic will follow suit with a change to the screen dimensions. Hands-on with Hama's iPod Nano 4G case at IFA [Engadget Espanol via Gadget Lab]
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3 Responses to New iPod Nano design all but confirmed by major iPod accessory manufacturer

  1. Esther Sassaman says:

    i hope not! you can pry my after-eight-mint-shaped nano out of my cold dead hands.

  2. Howie says:

    DUDE!!! VENJUVO.COM, trade in your old electronics for cash.
    Traded in my old iPod and now I’m ready for my brand new g4 nano :D

  3. kisshero09 says:

    I totally did that and it really does work. I also traded my old ipod in at and now i have a great start to get the newer one.

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