Dell Inspiron Mini 9 priced, dated in leaked flyer: September 5th, starting at $349

Dell's catalogue flyer for the Inspiron Mini 9 has been leaked and it basically confirms this week's binary disgorgements of the blogosphere scuttlebutt: Dell's new netbook will be available for order tomorrow. It also finally confirms price and configurations. The prices — ranging from $349 to $449 — are not as impressive as the sub-$300 rumor that Xanadunian techno-idealists have been insanely flinging around our comments for months now. Dell was never going to come in below the $300 mark. But gee, now that I'm confronted with the Inspiron Mini's price sheet, I'm not sure I'm googly-eyed for her anymore. The Acer Aspire One looks to outspec the Inspiron Mini on the budget side in everything that matters for far less, and its 6-cell doupleplus megaluxe configuration is still cheaper than the Inspiron after Dell's managed in another stick of RAM, another 4GB of SSD, Windows XP and a 1.3 MP cam. That, and they even managed to retain function keys. There's still a lot of burbling question marks, of course. What's battery life like? Will Dell offer a six-cell battery as an option, or only the 4 cell? Is a conventional hard drive not even an option? And, of course, Dell still has the advantage of customer service: their service line, though perhaps routed directly to the back of a nan bakery in Bombay, is still definitely more convenient to get ahold of than most other netbook manufacturers. So I just don't know anymore. All I can say for certain is, hey Dell, what's with this "Either Black or White" crap? What happened to the whore red Inspiron Mini you showed in all of the earliest publicity shots? Don't you know we're all black with the lights out... or white, I guess, in the middle of a sun? Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Flyer [UMPC Portal] Update: BBG readerJGrassick points out you can already buy it on the Dell UK site. You can put it in the basket for £299 with fifteen day delivery... but with up to 16GB of SSD. The French Dell site says €369 for 16GB, which is a great deal. Update Deuce: According to Dell's blog, buy a selected Dell system, get an Inspiron Mini 9 for $99. Not bad! Update Trois: And now you can configure your own. I was able to max out the options for $494, except for keeping Ubuntu and the black default color (whore red was not available, only white). 16GB SSD is available, but only a 4-cell battery was offered. Shipping date is listed at September 16th.
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13 Responses to Dell Inspiron Mini 9 priced, dated in leaked flyer: September 5th, starting at $349

  1. Drew Blood says:

    Might want to update that update re: the $99 deal. Dell increased the price of the Studio 15 by $400 overnight so it’s actually cheaper to buy them separately!

  2. SeppTB says:

    No red?! This is an outrage.

  3. Nixar says:

    Only the crappy Windows is offered on the French site.

    Furthermore, those idiots at Dell advertise the mass of the product … in pounds (livres)??? WTF?

  4. jayjayoh says:

    Ouch, that mouse button annoyance is a deal breaker on that Asus for me; glad I wasn’t trigger happy at the time of that last post.
    Nobody really answered me though- Is there anything to stop someone from buying the cheaper Linux version of any of these little netbooks, and reformat it with XP?

  5. I pretty much impressed by this system, price is very reasonable and i would try to catch one by end of this month.

  6. dculberson says:

    Dell is showing the $399 version coming with XP. It’s sad to me that you can build the 1gb ram / 16gb ssd XP box for cheaper than the 1gb / 16gb Ubuntu box.

    The $99 with a new laptop deal is very tempting. We’ll see what it looks like tomorrow. I need a new laptop, and as previously mentioned I was seriously considering a Macbook. But this is a game changer for me. We’ll see what the upcoming Apple announcements are, too.

    (Arrgh, too much waiting.)

  7. bbonyx says:

    I work for Dell, so I’m getting a kick out of these replies…


    I actually do. We’ve all been digging getting our hands on them at product pre-launch events around campus.

  8. jayjayoh says:

    Okay, now that the Dell model has hit, and we finally have a frontrunner [it would seem] in the Acer… Is the XP OS the only thing commanding the premium? Is there something built in to stop one from reformatting a linux-equipped Acer with an XP disc? Just want to make 100% sure before pulling the trigger… and save ~$50.

  9. John Brownlee says:

    I’m actually not willing to say the Acer is better than anything. I’ve seen it in person, and it was snazzy, and it certainly seems to compete feature-to-feature with the Dell, but it’s got its annoyances too: mainly, that stupid left click – right click on each side of the trackpad we saw back in the HP MiniNote.

  10. jgrassick says:

    Check out

    for a slightly less precise spec! “Up to 16GB configured with a Solid State drive.”

    Still lets you put it in the basket for £300 and says delivery in upto 15days.

  11. jgrassick says:

    Seems that the French site is saying for €369 you do get 16gb. If thats the case I think I’m sold.

  12. dculberson says:

    Drew Blood, I still see the Studio 15 starting at $649, the same price it was yesterday.

  13. […]I am interested to buy this laptop but i wanna know if this is upgradable & if so to what extend one can ??
    thanks for your suggestion in advance.[…]

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