Gorgeously modified Japanese retro scooter (Whateverpunk!)

Impetuous steampunk (STIMPANK!) maestro Jake von Slatt christens this the world's first Japanese steampunk scooter. Nay, sir. Do not agree. But wonderful all the same! The plucky source explains:
Upon exiting the supermarket the other day, I came across this steampunk masterpiece! I waited for an hour for the presumed Japanese steampunker to come out with his goth gear on and his mohawk, but low and behold, an 85 year old man comes out, grabs his lighter from his scooter, and lights up. I went over to him to complement him on his work, and with barely audible Japanese since he had no teeth at all and had very badly fitting dentures, started to explain how he put it together in the heaviest Japanese countryside accent I have ever heard. Classic!
That would have been my guess too from time spent in Asia: the strange ornamentation of a scooter modified in some bizarre Japanese farming town. I saw tuk-tuks this bizarrely ornate all the time. Mr. Slatt does his damnedest to tie the device into a steampunk thesis: "Steampunk is not a new thing but an expression of something that has been with us all along." It's a noble show, and I personally hug Mister von Slatt until his eye jelly squeezes out, but let's face it: the word "steampunk" has ceased to mean anything at all as an adjective if it can be applied equally to dilapidated Buddhist-themed tuk-tuks and Vernian air-ships alike. Steampunk Scooter Japan [Steampunk Workshop]
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14 Responses to Gorgeously modified Japanese retro scooter (Whateverpunk!)

  1. smonkey says:

    steampunk is dead

    long live animal-scrotum-cradle-punk!

    (or as the “kids” call it “asc-punk”)

  2. Scuba SM says:


    You have just invented my new favorite phrase.

    “duck-shaped scrotum cradle”

    I think, perhaps, I shall have to upgrade my bike so I too can have a duck-shaped scrotum cradle.

  3. mappo says:

    Is that a duck-shaped scrotum cradle I see?

  4. Tony Moore says:

    yeah, i was thinking “tikipunk,” too. Definitely getting a south pacific vibe from it. Really makes me wish i had a reason to be near the O’Hare airport so i could visit Hala Kahiki for some knock-you-on-your-ass rum drinks and primo kitsch decor.

  5. Erica Asahan says:

    Erica Asahan wrote:

    If that is bamboo, then I don’t like it. What happens when it rains? Bamboo expands when they get wet. However, it’s okay looking very retro and the seat looks woody, uncomfortable like, no?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nothin’ wrong with bamboo! It’s amazing stuff. Check out http://www.calfeedesign.com/bamboo.htm and http://www.solcycles.com/

  7. Enochrewt says:

    No brass, no gears, no steam = not steampunk. But it really has that old fishing boat feeling to me with the bamboo for a Japaneseish twist. Maybe it’s fishpunk? Anchorpunk? Junkboatpunk? In any case it’s awesome, probably more so than a steampunk equivalent.

  8. Not a Doktor says:


  9. Salty says:

    A “-punk” suffix does not make a design “movement”, it makes you a hopeless follower of 90’s Sci-fi novels. It makes you look really really stupid in conversations with rational people too.

    Good luck on your social life.

  10. dculberson says:

    Looks like Salty’s the one that needs luck in his social life.. ripping on other people’s fun doesn’t win you friends, man.

  11. Itsumishi says:

    Rational people have no place in my animal-scrotum-cradle-punk lifestyle!

  12. Nora Rocket says:

    I dub thee Tikipunk, apropos of the bamboo.

  13. Jake von Slatt says:

    Ah my dear John, Steampunk has only just _begun_ to mean something, stay tuned.

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