Giant robot spider ominously eyes Liverpool

A 30-foot tall, 37-ton robotic spider is arachnously clinging to the side of a Liverpudian office building.
Created by French company La Machine, the installation cost £1.8million to bring to Liverpool – and all but £250,000 of this was funded by the taxpayer. The story behind the artwork is that French 'scientists' have arrived in the city to investigate it. They will use cranes to remove the animal off the tower block, before taking it to their 'research base' in Liverpool's new concert venue, the Echo Arena. There, the creature will undergo a series of experiments, allowing the team to show off special effects using water, fire and artificial snow.
The local octogenarians seem to like it. Quoth Eric Wilson from West Derby: "It's novel, I think some will like it." High praise indeed! As a non-Liverpudian, I certainly like it, but I imagine any hopes of a clockwork robot spider stalking Liverpool — capturing horrified pedestrians in sticky hydraulic webbing and draining them to husks — will quickly be dashed. The 30ft mechanical spider terrorising Liverpool [Daily Mail]
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9 Responses to Giant robot spider ominously eyes Liverpool

  1. monstrinho_do_biscoito says:


    and speaks like a squeaky child :D

  2. zero_zero_one says:

    I walked out the wrong exit of the station yesterday morning and missed it – this morning I went to see and took some pictures. It is huge, the pictures I’d seen really don’t do it justice…

    …and at the back of my mind is a tiny fear that when it “wakes up” tomorrow it will go on a rampage…

  3. strider_mt2k says:


  4. Mindpowered says:

    The rest of the northwest from Chester to Cockermouth is quietly sniggering into their pints that the Scouse have paid over 1.5 million quid for spider. Which doesn’t do anything. From the frogs for godsake. Again.

  5. giselleboingboing says:

    I’ve recently posted a new giant spider of Liverpool video:

    Watch it arrive at the city hall, wake up after a sleep and, in some dramatically speeded up footage, crawl up a building to rest.

    Any feedback most welcome!


  6. bbonyx says:

    Any comments from Kevin Smith?

  7. mdhatter says:

    Did anyone spot a blue Police Box about?

  8. bazzargh says:

    They need to make them blue and invisible.

  9. Bugs says:

    …at the same time!

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