Typewriter golems by Jerry Mayer

Wired's posted a great gallery of typographical golems designed by Jerry Mayer. Brought together with bones and ligatures formed from old antique typewriter part, Mayer's art is a bizarre fusion between Leonardo Da Vinci's mechanical drawings and the hallucinogenic fever dreams of a William Burroughs protagonist. "I'd been trying to get my figures to look less creepy," Mayer admits. Creepy? Love! Typewriters Morph Into Creepy Sci-Fi Creatures [Wired]
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4 Responses to Typewriter golems by Jerry Mayer

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    I like the cat and grasshopper best, but all are inspired and beautiful.

  2. Dustin Driver says:

    @Brownlee: Why thank you! The greatest complement a writer can receive from another writer.

  3. Dustin Driver says:

    Its maw of disjointed keys gives a new and vibrant meaning to the phrase “gobbledygook.”

    Surely a wordsmith such as yourself must have one of these to hang above your workstation. It seems like a perfect fit for The Brownlee. Plus, Humbert can perch upon its twisted visage and inspire you with his shrill parakeet cries.

  4. John Brownlee says:

    “Master wordsmith?” Pfft. I wish I’d come up with the gobbledygook line! And yes, Humbert would do well with one of these.

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