Whopping 25.5" Sony all-in-one has terabyte DVR, 1080p HDMI input and Blu-Ray

One look at the confident, geometric design of Sony's VGC-RT is all you need to see that two major PC makers now make meatier all-in-ones than Apple. Like HP's latest, Sony's newest desktop includes HDMI inputs and outputs, blu-ray optical and a laptop-like computer inside a chassis little fatter than an LCD panel. Big speakers (if they're any good) will be another draw, as will the unsonylike low starting price of $1,000. Fancier models, like the VAIO RT High Definition Studio, head up into the pricing stratosphere, with options including a stonking 25.5" display, built-in digital video recorder, terabyte storage and 8GB of RAM. Wireless peripherals, including a keyboard with an integrated touchpad, are included. The press release also makes clear there's no power brick. I would have been just aghast if there had been a power brick. Discarded candidate candidate: "No roundrects please, we're not British." But the low-end JS model has them. Product Page with specs Press Release [Sony]

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3 Responses to Whopping 25.5" Sony all-in-one has terabyte DVR, 1080p HDMI input and Blu-Ray

  1. Not a Doktor says:

    Like what Halloween Jack said, this makes too much sense, and making sense is very un-sony. I bet the screen blinks the logo every three seconds; you know, to prevent piracy.

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    OK, 2 questions:

    1) That $1,000 price is for the much dinkier JS; the “VAIO RT High-Definition Studio PC will go for about $3,300″. Oops.

    2) This is from the same company that put rootkits on music CDs and had to be shamed into getting rid of them; why would I trust them not to do the same thing on a media PC again, exactly?

  3. SamF says:

    Put this in a 46″ TV and I’m there.

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