Mio Leap K1 cell phone reveals GPS on the flipside

Mio's Leap K1: GPS on one side, quad-band cell phone with 2MP cam and Windows Mobile 6 on the other. I like it. I'm sure they could have managed to do it all with a touch screen, but there is something delightfully symmetrical about flipping something over to reveal a hereto unknown functionality. I want my cell phone to offer this same functionality with a Gameboy on the flipside. Mio Leap K1 [Mobile 01 via Gizmodo]
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3 Responses to Mio Leap K1 cell phone reveals GPS on the flipside

  1. SamSam says:

    Cute, but why are the camera lens and camera buttons on the same side? Do most people only take pictures of their faces?

  2. Anonyman says:

    The camera lens is on the opposite side of the larger display. I’d guess that the camera buttons are on the side.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    If it’s running an OS odds are there is an emulator you can run your GB stuff on.

    It does seem pretty cool.

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