New e-paper tech to be unveiled today... possible wireless newspapers?

It's true we are lamenting Esquire'scontemptible application of e-ink this morning by hawking thick, gelatinous verbal phlegmgobbers in their general direction, but we're still excited by e-paper in general: get it cheap, get it flexible, and we're there. Plastic Logic isn't doing any of that, but their new e-paper technology looks impressive: it will store hundred of pages of content and update wirelessly. The screen is large, with real estate 2.5 times the size of the Kindle, which makes it seem as if Plastic Logic is aiming at the newspaper market. But the question is price, which we should know later today. If the price is right, Plastic Logic's tech could be the first step in a self-updating display that beams in new content on a regular basis: a nice opening start for the future of Minority Report style e-newspapers at affordable prices. If they can bring it down cheap enough (say, the price of a regular newspaper subscription), this could be big. If not: another clumsy but necessary stumble along the e-paper's evolutionary walk. New E-Newspaper Reader Echoes Look of the Paper
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4 Responses to New e-paper tech to be unveiled today... possible wireless newspapers?

  1. dculberson says:

    Another awesome use: reading PDF’s of science journal articles. The Kindle and Reader both have screens that are too small, so if you’re lucky enough to have the PDF word at all, it’s unreadable without tons of scrolling. (And sometimes, not even then.)

    The researcher market is just boiling with literally dozens of eager customers!

  2. bardfinn says:

    Looks like fun.

  3. musicalwoods says:

    I second DCULBERSON.

    I like keeping articles in digital format.

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