Rare Sharp Boombox with built-in mini-organ

Retro-Thing, spotters of all sorts of gorgeous antediluvian electronica, found this wonderful Sharp MR-990 boom box up on eBay. No mere ghetto blaster, this: the usual accoutrements like dual cassette bays, detachable stereo speakers, AM & FM and a five-band EQ pale compared to its built-in mini organ electronic synthesizer. It'll cost you: $299.00 starting bid with an astonishing $152 shipping surcharge. Enough to wipe out the moist, wadded prize pot of even the most high profile breakdancing competition. Sharp Boom Box + Mini Organ [Retro Thing]
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6 Responses to Rare Sharp Boombox with built-in mini-organ

  1. Mackenzie says:

    If only it came with a set of Technic 1200’s, and maybe an optional mixer, I would bid. This is almost exactly what I’m shopping for.

  2. octopede says:

    There’s been quite a lot of these kinds of things on ebay recently,. likely from the same collection. There was also a Casio keyboard with built-in dual tape deck for recording and overdubbing (yeah!) as well as a synth made by Brother, the typewriter people. All in all, one of those awesome things to find at a garage sale for $35, not so awesome to pay $350 for (plus shipping!).

  3. OM says:

    …$152 USD for S&H? Who are they trying to scam?

  4. Halloween Jack says:

    This cost $550 back in ’85, so adjusting for inflation, and assuming that it’s in cherry condition, not so bad. Hey, if you just have to slick your hair back, put on some Wayfarers, and play along with Gary Numan and DEVO, how else are you gonna go? Tubular!

  5. dculberson says:

    Om, Actually, $152 for shipping it from Japan to the US seems very reasonable. Have you priced international shipping lately? It’s expensive. And this is pretty big.

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