FitBit: Clip-on exercise and sleep tracker with wireless data uploads

The FitBit is a simple clip-on device with a built-in motion sensor that serves as a information-age pedometer, tracking exxercise intensity levels, sleep quality, calories burned, and distanced travelled — all beamed back wirelessly to the internet (via your Wi-Fi network, I presume) to the FitBit website. There you can compare stats with other FitBit users to see how well you're doing. The whole package will be sold for $100 this Fall. There may be other incentives besides peer review, explains Gearlog:
The current FitBit Device has no display, but Park promises that the final product, expected this December, will feature an OLED display. The readout will include, among other things, a user-definable avatar that will shrink and grow to indication your progress. Kind of like a Tamagotchi, except you're the one you're keeping alive.
This may end up sounding like nit-picking but it's really not: I wish there were a way for the FitBit to track your weight automatically, too. FitBit Trainer: Track Your Exercise, Health, and Even Sleep [Gearlog]
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6 Responses to FitBit: Clip-on exercise and sleep tracker with wireless data uploads

  1. Anonymous says:

    A scale base station would make an excellent optional accessory.

    What I really want to see though, is more of these fitness driven devices, like Nike’s Sport addon for the ipod, and Creative’s new Krystal MP3 player, start featuring the ability to read telemetry from heart rate monitor straps.

    A standalone recorder with USB download capability only costs $40 as it is, but I’m sure integrating the necessary circuitry and software to the touch or the nano would be well worth a $60 premium over the stock ipod. Maybe not so cost effective for sub-$100 gadgets, however, but apparently, the stock Krystal is $80 for 4Gb. At a $120 price point for a hypothetical telemetry enabled Krystal makes it a no brainer for me.


  2. BritSwedeGuy says:

    Not only do they resemble some S&M sex toy, their name is hilariously obscene in Swedish!

  3. dculberson says:

    BritSwede, you gotta translate it for us, please?! [whine]

  4. shaunxcode says:

    What about people that ride bikes? I guess the pedometer would factor your legs moving in as steps? But really with out reading your heart rate how accurate can the calorie reading be as that is a product of duration and level of intensity?

  5. ps says:

    the base station should be a scale, great solution to that request.

    would need to be need to be able to connect
    wirelessly to a router though i guess.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Have you read their FAQ? My biggest problem, and the problem that prevents me from buying one (oh, how I want to) is that THEY curate YOUR data. From the FAQ:

    “Do I have to use the website? Is there a way to dump data to my PC?

    Yes, you must use the website. We do not provide any way to dump data to your PC, but the website will have an extensive XML and JSON API. You will be able to access most of your data through the API. ”

    Why would I want a product that forces me to offer up extremely personal information to a curator that “promises” they will give me free unlimited access.

    Sounds like they want to force you to look at ads. Which is a real shame. I’d pay twice their asking price for a product as sexy as this that actually gave me the opportunity to use MY DATA the way I wanted.

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