MAKE hacks open the Esquire e-ink cover (Verdict: Hackable!)

MAKEs Phil Torrone snatched up a copy of Esquire's lamentably designed e-ink edition, and there's good news: Esquire has delivered their promise to cheaply sell hackable e-paper to hackers.
There are 2 e-ink screens with flex connections (these are pricey connections). It looks like it was made to be reprogrammed and different screens... I think someone out there will likely reflash the PIC and make the segments go on / off at different time and perhaps put other displays on it, there's a little bit of hacking to be had but not that much really. And here's my opinion, I know a lot media folks & tech sites are pooping on this cover - but someone needed to start somewhere, I'm glad there's an E-Ink cover in existence, it's clear it's going to be decades until it's something that very common.
I can't wait to see some of the first hacks of the Esquire cover to start rolling out. Esquire e-ink cover hacking [MAKE]
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3 Responses to MAKE hacks open the Esquire e-ink cover (Verdict: Hackable!)

  1. wurp says:

    *Decades* until this is something that’s very common?

    Phil is drastically misreading what’s going to happen once wireless e-ink paper is cheap… Frankly, I think if the magazine & newspaper industries don’t wake up & figure out a way to provide their product DRM free on e-paper, webzines will just wipe them out.

  2. monstrinho_do_biscoito says:

    aw, so it’s definitely not pixels that can be reprogrammed to display any image then :(

  3. OM says:

    …Jeez, lookit all them thar battery-thingies! I wonder what their cost-per-unit was on just the insert alone? Seems to me they’d have been better off going with a solar cell on the cover to go along with the e-paper. It *might* have been cheaper!

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