Video: Cosmovox for iPhone, accelerometer-controlled musical instrument

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10 Responses to Video: Cosmovox for iPhone, accelerometer-controlled musical instrument

  1. tickletaboo says:

    I spent my $1.99 and came back to say that I kinda like it. I like it a lot better than Thereminator — everytime I lift my finger Thereminator clicks. Cosmovox has nice sound IMO, but I would love to try another theremin app (besides) Thereminator and Cosmovox.. Perhaps Anonymous could share it’s name?

  2. matt_w says:

    so its a digital theremin minus the fun of actually playing the theremin…

  3. Joel Johnson says:

    Pretty much!

  4. teamshadowboat says:

    I think it sounds great.

    If I could afford an iPhone and knew of more silly music apps like this, I might buy an iPhone.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just a question from a non-techie guy. The practical application for this app is …. what?

  6. caipirina says:

    get better … looks like a nasty flu !

  7. Skwid says:

    That does look like fun. I’m not sure if it’s $2 worth of fun, though.

    Meanwhile, you look like you’re several dollars worth of fun in the hole, there, friend. Get well soon!

  8. waffletower says:

    Here is a link to someone who thought he was making music with Cosmovox while playing with it:

  9. tickletaboo says:

    Hmmmm…. I watched Joel’s video and I wasn’t impressed. But I watched the video that that waffletower linked and I WAS impressed. Maybe Joel should give it another go after a good night’s sleep? :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Cool idea, but the sound is really awful! There are a couple theremin apps out there that have way better sound

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