Eolos: Ceci n'est pas une pipe

Yanko Design — enthusiastic posters of all things pie-in-the-sky conceptual — have dampened their seats and filled the air with squeeing over this concept pipe by designer Hakan Bogazpinar. Says Yanko:
When I think of pipe smoking, I imagine an older generation of men sitting around reading newspapers or conversing about times gone by. Yet with this new and sleek pipe design by Hakan Bogazpinar, I can see a much more hip, younger crowd partaking in its’ pleasures. Eolos is our modern day pipe. With a smooth, almost aerodynamic design, it looks the Ferrari for pipe smokers. With a built in filter replication indicator, the user can see that the nicotine level is too high and would need to change the filter. So if you like sleek and modern in your pipe then you just might fancy an Eolos.
As a pipe smoker myself, I can't help but repress a smile. It's clear that neither the Yanko boys nor the Eolos' designer himself had ever even seen a modern pipe: unlike the usual rocket swings and Sony-brand perpetual motion machines Yanko usually goes on about, this is actually quite a conventional design for a modern pipe, except those would actually be smokeable, unlike the Eolos, which appears to be made of plastic and rubber. The sole innovation is the transparent filter. That's not bad, I guess... except who wants to have a filthy, tar-blocked artery visibly waggling under their nose? The filter is the unwiped asshole of a pipe. You want to see that thing as little as possible. Of limited interest, I know. "Eolos" Modern Day Pipe by Hakan Bogazpinar [Yanko Design]
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24 Responses to Eolos: Ceci n'est pas une pipe

  1. Enochrewt says:

    #1- Mr. Brownlee: And now you would shun a plastic and rubber pipe for more traditional materials. The circle of life is complete ;)

  2. drtwist says:

    When did pipes get filters? the ancient Kaywoodies that my grandfather smoked never did (hardly a representative sample I know).

  3. Joel Johnson says:

    At a reservation gas station in Nevada they were selling corn cob pipes for a buck. I very nearly picked one up, but all the tobacco they were selling looked too sweet.

  4. VSC says:

    “Of limited interest, I know.”

    Honestly, posts like this are why I love Boing Boing Gadgets. I don’t smoke pipes, I don’t know a damn thing about them. Until I read this post I had no idea that they had filters, let alone their representative qualities of the great unwashed.

    Another truly great post.

  5. dragondm says:

    Hmmm… Actually, good pipes don’t have filters. The only ones I’ve seen with filters are the Dr. Grabow cheepies they sell at drug stores.

    I’ve actually seen seen production pipes that look very much like this one (Danish ones). With those, the bowl was actually made of meerschaum, enclosed on a spacey-looking shell. (made of enameled steel, insulated from the hot bowl with cork.)

    If you want an exotic looking pipe that actually works and has a proper geek-coolness to it, get a Kirsten pipe. They’re an aircraft parts company (!) that makes milled aluminum-bodied pipes as a sideline (the bowls are traditional briar or meershaum). They look cool, smoke well, and unlike 99% of these artsy things, you can actually clean the blasted things reasonably easily.

  6. AirPillo says:


    I’m bookmarking that and posting a reminder to myself to come back and thank you a second time at a later date. Those are lovely looking pipes.

    And hey, I’m an aviation nerd, so that much the better.

    Thanks :D

  7. eustace says:

    WARNING – NOT the True Pipe! Smokers of this pipe receive NO SLACK from Bob!

  8. masterlu says:

    Hm, quite some of the Savinellis, Petersons, etc I’ve seen can be equipped with filters. Although I prefer filterless pipes myself, sometimes I enjoy a Savinelli with a filter made of balsa wood.

  9. alejandrodelloco says:

    What about using it for greener smokables?
    A thought.

  10. NaR says:

    I think it is butt-ugly.

  11. John Brownlee says:

    It (and all the pipes it look like) look a lot better in polished briar.

  12. dculberson says:

    “Yeh! Yeh look like a FEKKIN’ CUNT.”

    Something so rare in these cynical times happened: I actually laughed aloud.

  13. thefoodgeek says:

    As I recall, Ferrari or Porsche makes a pipe. It looks much like that. It reminds me of the metal pipes that were made a few decades back. Foolishness.

    Briar. Meerschaum. Clay. Gourd. Corn cob. I think I’ll keep my pipes in the traditional materials.

  14. huzubu says:

    I, too, am a pipe smoker. You should check out some of the pipes at http://www.smokingpipes.com, some of the ones made by Japanese pipe-carvers are particularly beautiful, but unfortunately they are also incredibly expensive. So John, mind telling us some of your favorite blends?

  15. strider_mt2k says:


  16. Marcel says:

    Oh why not then?! If people can still wear turtlenecks in public, surely there must be room for someone with a miniature mobile fireplace under his nose.

  17. pork musket says:

    I was complaining about hipsters stealing my hobbies and making me look unfashionable before it was cool.

  18. cubby96 says:

    As a fellow pipe smoker, I found this interesting. I think the attempt to modernize the traditional pipe shape and materials is probably not going to be wildly successful, but everyone has their own opinion of what a pipe should look like, and they will probably sell a few.

    I have pipes made from briar, meerschaum, olivewood, several lesser woods, and even one covered in cork. All of them are interesting, but I find myself most interested in a particular shape (double bent, or something like that), so this Bob-Dobbs-esque straight pipe holds no sway for me.

    I only ask this: please don’t let the hipsters pick up on pipe smoking. I don’t want to be retro-cool for a couple of years, then abandoned as out of touch sometime down the road.

  19. Downpressor says:

    corn cob and nothin else.

  20. Enochrewt says:

    As a former pipe smoker (now tobacco free for two years!) I’d have to say the only material that a pipe should be made out of is briarwood and meershaum. And filter? Bah, there’s no need for filters.

    There’s a great tobacco store here, the guy that owns it blends his own tobaccos and is ridiculously good at it (red peach and irish coffee are the best).He has a huge collection of intricately carved meershaum pipes that he’s smoked over the years. He smokes them until it shades the carved bowls to just the right color and then puts them on display in his store. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

  21. AirPillo says:

    this is actually quite a conventional design for a modern pipe, except those would actually be smokeable

    Out of personal interest, it would be kind of you to offer a personal suggestion or two, if I may ask.

    It might be nice to own a pipe that doesn’t make one look like a Sherlock Holmes caricature, even if it would still be looked upon as a bit silly in public (I’ve come to accept that).

  22. Gainclone says:

    #7- agreed. Pipes are classy. Don’t let hipster jazzbo and his punky-pleaser girlfriend sit around the Starbucks suckin’ down dimestore filler with their coffee-alla-redbull.

    Just wait. High School Musical 4 is gonna feature this pipe.

  23. John Brownlee says:

    Well, that’s an attitude that will kill off pipe smoking once and for all: I used to be that hipster jazzbo, but what started as a pretension became an honest passion.

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