Spooky CCTV captures pub ghost splotch

You're forgiven if, like me, you first mistook the ghost in this image captured from a CCTV camera to be the looming silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock. But nope — it's the little smudge near the top of the stairs. Owners of the Horseman pub and hotel have video of spectral blobs moving through a hallway, traveling up the stairs or dashing into the game room for a bit of pool. There's video on The Press. Surely one of you are smart enough to debunk this? My guess: dust on the camera globe, struck by reflected light from passing cars. CCTV firm boss is spooked by image [ThePress.co.uk via IO9]
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13 Responses to Spooky CCTV captures pub ghost splotch

  1. byronba says:


    Forget the Ghost Busters…. We need to get T.A.P.S. in on this one!

    (T.A.P.S. = The Atlantic Paranormal Society. They debunk stuff like this all the time.)

  2. Goose22 says:

    That’s an easy one. It’s a person’s reflection off a piece of glass – most likely the dome on the camera. It’s just a coincidence that it appears to be going up the stairs. I bet anybody with half a brain could easily reproduce their “ghosts”!

  3. xzzy says:

    I’d wager if they turned up the frame rate of the recording, the movements would quite convincingly reveal it as a bit of dust following a draft. Or maybe several pieces of dust blowing by, and by chance only one fleck is visible in each frame.

    When you take a snapshot every 5 seconds, it’s pretty easy for the human brain to interpolate a route between two areas that have changed. Animation relies on this principle, and just because CCTV doesn’t look like a cartoon doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply. ;)

  4. Mindpowered says:

    As has been proven many times, British pubs are full of spirits.

  5. Dr_Wally says:

    The quality of ghosts has been declining steadily since the Victorian era, I feel. We used to have spectral coach and horses, phantom steam trains, now we get hazy blobs in hallways. Where are the cold spots? The coins from nowhere? Slamming doors and giggling invisible children? I blame downsizing in the afterlife.

  6. jfranchino says:

    Probably a bug. Like it says in the article.

  7. Latente says:

    as screensaver on my pc i have “SurveillanceSaver”
    some time i zee strange things, like giant spider over landscape.scary

  8. dculberson says:

    Bug or just a piece of dust rising in an air current. Close to the camera, a small bit of dust will look large and fuzzy – especially a camera with that small of a lens.

  9. monstrinho_do_biscoito says:

    i’d guess as the camera is fixed and probably VHS, they’ve recorded over the tape and got a residual image from the previous recording.


    DOH! RAY! EGON!!

  10. strider_mt2k says:

    Oh boy, a Class 3 vaporous phantasm!

    Guys, we gotta get a sample!

  11. pork musket says:

    Listen… do you smell something?

  12. jmendonsa says:

    I love that the article says that because the guy can’t explain this one, it’s spooky.

    What’s spooky is the fact that he’s overlooking the fact that GHOSTS AREN’T REAL and that the possibility of a piece of dust has moved on from in front of the camera (I hear it is nomadic) isn’t the more obvious conclusion.

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