Toshiba announced two 1.8 inch HDDs, but only one goes in the belly of the iPod Classic

There's a certain expectation that Toshiba will announce new 1.8 inch hard drives every time the iPod Classic line is refreshed, and Monday's "Let's Rock" (we didn''t) was no exception: Toshiba revealed two new 1.8-inch hard drives, a 120GB and 240GB meant for mobile PC devices, portable media players (natch) and even camcorders. Stats: lower energy draw than their predecessors, 8MB of cache, 4,200RPM. What's so frustrating about the announcement is that it looks like that 240GB drive could have been easily housed in the iPod Classic's old 160GB chassis, but Apple passed instead in their dogmatic obsession with attaining a Flatland-like thinness across their product line. Instead, the higher-end Classic was effectively downgraded. Even if you can't wrap your mind around why anyone would need 240GB of iPod space, surely the bizarreness of Apple's choice to downgrade a product's capacity after a year is at least worth ejaculating one ephemeral exclamation point above the old cranium. Still, Toshiba's new drives at least give some hope to the die-hards out there that Christmas time might see a 240GB Classic bump. Two New Toshiba 1.8 Inch Hard Drives Announced [Slashgear]
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3 Responses to Toshiba announced two 1.8 inch HDDs, but only one goes in the belly of the iPod Classic

  1. knifie_sp00nie says:

    The grand conspiracy for why the fat classic was discontinued: Nobody bought it.

  2. FutureNerd says:

    The 120GB single-platter must be what they put in the iPod. & Yay! A drive to retro-fit into a MacBook Air!

  3. Julian Bond says:

    Define “nobody”. Comments on Engadget and my own purchase suggests there is a market for a PMP with loads of capacity. But *perhaps* it’s not big enough for Apple to be interested. Well in that case will somebody, please, build a PMP with >=160 Gb. And preferably one that runs Rockbox.

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