Vivienne Tam's exclusive HP notebook design

What do you think of Vivienne Tam's design for HP's special edition notebook, out early next year? I want to like it, but don't. This is a good sign, though, as it means we've finally gotten to the point where artist-sourced laptop designs are no longer so rare that all of them seem intrinsically wonderful. via Design Boom.

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13 Responses to Vivienne Tam's exclusive HP notebook design

  1. Gloria says:

    @8: Sorry, this Chinese woman types at her comp while wearing pajamas bottoms and drinking OJ.

    It’s unrealistic.

  2. Clay says:

    I don’t dislike it, but I admit the only context I can seem to imagine it in is an exoticized, unrealistic image of a traditionally-dressed Chinese woman using it while drinking green tea.

  3. Nelson.C says:

    Clay @4: I’d say glamourous rather than unrealistic.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i like it very much.. i think the styles very girly.. love the colors too… although my guess is that this laptops mostly just style and less (i refrain from saying ‘no’ just coz its an HP) substance…

  5. matt_w says:

    that or a realy camp gay dude in a kimono.

  6. kaiza says:

    I think I could overcome my dislike of the design if this was actually made from inlaid velvet.

  7. dculberson says:

    Kaiza, that would be truly wonderful!

  8. timada says:

    I am very thrilled to see the mono boring black laptops are replaced by more artistic laptops I enjoy the look of this laptop, very bohemian and I love the purple scheme she chose.

  9. homodachi says:

    I dig it.

  10. Halloween Jack says:

    The problem with fancy laptop lids is that you know that you’re going to want to replace the laptop itself in five years or so. (My iceBook is seven years old, but that’s mostly because I haven’t been able to afford to replace it, plus I don’t use it for work.) I’d rather go for a laser-etched design that can be transferred to another laptop, although even then you’d need one that would fit on laptops with different screen ratios.

  11. OM says:

    …You know, I’m not normally into the floral print jobs on notebooks, but this one actually caught my eye. I wouldn’t personally own one, but I’d buy it for one of my Ex’s if they actually deserved it. A really nice job!

  12. Bucket says:

    I think the thing that makes this unappealing is the negative karma waves emanating from Ms. Tam’s horrible javascript/flash perversion of a website.

    Hmmm. AJAX, LAMP, .net? No! JFP! Everything is in a giant popup that fills your whole screen, but only takes up about 800×600 of the middle of that window! Menus pop up a random distance from their source! Optional: music that starts playing when you hit the page and can’t turn off.

    I think I need to spend the better part of the afternoon writing an RFC for this cutting edge UI methodology. Also, drinking heavily.

  13. Anonymous says:

    oooooooo, I love it!! I must have it.

    I am in the market for a laptop and this comes just in time :)

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