DenHaus: Swanky pet beds, more furniture than prison

Available in three styles, these pet beds from DenHaus are designed to more readily jive with your normal furniture, doing away with the wires and bars that remind guests that you keep your little puppy-wuppy in a steel box like a canine John McCain. I tease, of course. Kenneling's fine, although these pet beds looks a bit small for anything but a short lockdown while you're eating dinner or other moments when you need a reprieve from a drooling mutt underfoot. The DenHaus models can also be used as a nice place to stash a cat's litter box, although at $400 and up depending on size and finish, it might be easier just to buy a litter box with a lid. My favorite of the three, the round metal "BowHaus" model, appears to be out of stock at the moment. Lucky me: I'm sure as anything that if I'd bought my Porter such a nice bed he'd give it a cautious sniff then go right back to sleeping on the couch. Product Page [ via Apartment Therapy] P.S. It looks like there's another dry pet food recall on.
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One Response to DenHaus: Swanky pet beds, more furniture than prison

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what kind of jive furniture you have, but if I want something to be in accord with my lounge suite, it has to JIBE.

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