Nintendo Wii software hacked to load ISO "backups"

Over the last two years, the Wii has stood fast, remarkably resilient to software piracy without a mod chip. That era seems to be over. The Wii Backup Loader purports to be a simple Wii Homebrew Channel program that, once visited, can load (modified) ISOs right from the DVD drive. Nintendo will doubtlessly patch this in a Wii firmware update, which raises the question as to whether we are going to start seeing a PSP custom firmware scenario re-enacted on a non-portable console, in which — once done — dogged hackers crack open the breastbone of each successive firmware update and rewire the innards within days of an update, or if this is in fact a one-off vulnerability, easily closed. Wii Backup Loader [Tehskeen via Gizmodo]
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One Response to Nintendo Wii software hacked to load ISO "backups"

  1. Yaseer says:

    hello i wanna know how to modify my nintendo wii by software or any patch so that it can read burned disc instead of Original wii games.
    waiting for your kind responses
    thank you.

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