Where can I get Bandai's officially-hacked TV game of Gladiator?

Bandai evidently sells a game-in-a-controller compilation (you know, the kind that hooks up directly to the TV set) that includes classic Taito arcade game Gladiator, also known as Ohgon No Shiro or Great Gurianos. Moreoever, it comes with hacked gameplay modes! Google failed me. The lazyweb node that finds this for me will win a prize! It won't be a very nice prize, but it will be a genuine gadget. If you're curious, see footage of the original unhacked game. It was fun!

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8 Responses to Where can I get Bandai's officially-hacked TV game of Gladiator?

  1. Enochrewt says:

    lolz Rice Krispies offial pedometer? That’s funny.

    I had forgotten about this game, it was awesome, not to mention ground-breaking with the shield placement and hitting specific bodyparts to knock off armor.

  2. Rob Beschizza says:


    You get a Rice Krispies official pedometer.

    Where do I send it?

  3. themark says:

    You can buy it here:

    Or, if you can’t read Japanese, I can get it for you.
    It’s about $30. Just e-mail me, I live in Tokyo

  4. Rob Beschizza says:


    That’s what I tell everyone who will listen.

    It is a tragedy that Gladiator’s elegant fighting system, with mirrored offensive and defensive manouvers, was not refined.

    They didn’t even have Vs. battles in the game!


  5. Rob Beschizza says:

    Thank you, but I couldn’t find anywhere there to actually buy one.

  6. mz9000 says:

    here’s a better one… it’s Taito Nostalgia #1 i think.

    looks like it’s a couple years old.


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