FRED UFO humidifier uses patented extraterrestrial technology to prevent sloughing skin


After a summer spent banana hammocking around upon the black sand beaches of Santorini, it is important for me to keep my skin moist. Dry, it has a tendency to slough, which simply encourages Joel when he visits to pick one up off the floor, insert himself into it like a dermatological coverall and then make out with my unsuspecting girlfriend.

As such, I am always keeping an eye out for attractive humidifiers, but the 21st century design craze has yet to really impact the humidifier isle of the local Wal-Mart. So the FRED UFO Humidifier is refreshing to behold: a lovely silver discus with attractive, useless LEDs, capable of gasifying two gallons of water in a day. It also comes in red, green and black. $99 is a bit pricey for a humidifier though, but my girlfriend says that if it’ll save us a few bucks, she’s willing to take another of Joel’s tonsil gougers for the team. It’s called love, boys and girls.

FRED UFO Humidifier [Products with Style via Oh Gizmo]

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2 Responses to FRED UFO humidifier uses patented extraterrestrial technology to prevent sloughing skin

  1. Anonymous says:

    A cheap ripoff of a ’60s idea.
    Still in production.

  2. demidan says:

    A cute way to add mold to your house. (only thing humidifiers are good for)

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