Nintendo's WiFi router is tiny and a tad inexplicable

Confronted with Nintendo's newly announced Wi-Fi router, most gadget bloggers are galvanically erupting a questioning curlicue of molten incredulity out of the tops of their cranial crevasses. Why would Nintendo release this? The Wii and DS work without an existing router. And furthermore, shouldn't Nintendo be working on a Wii hard drive instead? Sadly, I know exactly who this is aimed at: guys like me who have to shut down our WPA2-secure routers just so Beschizza can dandily traipse through our DS Animal Crossing town, leaving baskets of plums and starting politely-worded petitions to rename the whole village to Gropecunt Lane. The DS, you see, inexplicably will not connect to a WPA protected network, favoring non-protected routers or WEP (what?). The Nintendo WiFi Network Adapter has three settings: Router, Bridge or Auto. That "bridge" looks tasty: a way to finally get your DS online without stripping all its security. Of course, Nintendo already makes such a device: the Nintendo DS WiFi USB Connector. So perhaps this really is aimed at the Nintendo die-hard with an aesthetic soft spot for a tiny Liliputian doppelganger sitting side by side with his Wii, controlling the pulse and flux of his outgoing data. And that person, perhaps, will rather drop his $59 on Nintendo WiFi device than a Linksys or Netgear. Whoever you are, I don't understand you, dear Nintendork, but your race shall swarm the earth. Nintendo Announces... Wii/DS WiFi Router [Kotaku via Gadget Lab]
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7 Responses to Nintendo's WiFi router is tiny and a tad inexplicable

  1. WeightedCompanionCube says:

    dd-wrt is your friend. Routers that run it are cheap and (once flashed with dd-wrt) fast, flexible and reliable.

    Linksys WRT54GL, Netgear WGR614L, and for outside the USA, just about anything by Buffalo.

    set the AP WPA2 encrypted for your LAN and the Wii, then create an open virtual AP that can only access the Internet (but not your LAN). That’s what your DS will use. (Wii-DS and DS-DS wireless uses ad-hoc WiFi)

    I choose to hide the open VAP, but you can broadcast it if you want to provide a free WiFi hotspot.

  2. superrobot says:

    For making me aware of Gropecunt Lane..thank you.

  3. lercio says:

    Wi-Fi ?

    how did they resist calling it Wii-Fi ?

  4. Ushao says:

    I could see use for this. There was a time when none of my routers would work with the Wii for any reasonable amount of time before disconnecting. Something to do with what channel was trying to be used, etc etc. Now things work great but at the time I was getting way too frustrated with it because it just refused to work like anything else.

    Also for some strange reason, if my Tivo was working on the router, the Wii wasn’t, and vice versa. Odd.

  5. PhiCancri says:

    Another thing to keep in mind for those that may want this product instead of procuring a Nintendo DS WiFi USB Connector- the dongle isn’t Mac compatible. This was the reason I wasn’t able to get one and ultimately buckled to WEP so that I could the me and my better half’s DSs (and Wii) online.

  6. Jake0748 says:

    Gropcunt Lane… I see what you did there. ;o

    Classic Brownlee.

  7. Seg says:

    The Nintendo WiFi USB Connector is discontinued, and the WiFi router is the replacement product.

    I still personally don’t have a need for this router, and with ‘real’ wireless routers not that expensive, I don’t see how this adds much value. O well.

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