Nokia N810 as remote mixing console

Nokia's N810 Internet Tablet is a little bigger than the iPod Touch, but still pocketable–a characteristic that makes it perfect for use as a portable music-maker. Dubwise, a member of the Internet Tablet Talk forums, uses his to operate the virtual dials and knobs of a Yamaha digital mixer.
"The resolution is perfect. All 20 faders fit onscreen, no scrolling. I’ve been mixing some simple shows from a seat in the audience. Even for the hands-on and chaotic shows, being able to tweak the balcony speakers from the balcony, and set the stage mix standing next to the musicians, is simply amazing."
He uses a VNC client, which mirrors the target machine's desktop and allows you to control its mouse, on the tablet. Photo: Dubwise Forum thread [via Pocketables]

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9 Responses to Nokia N810 as remote mixing console

  1. Downpressor says:

    Cute and all, will read up on it, but honestly I cant see this kind of interface being responsive enough to do a realtime mixdown.

  2. cmb says:

    That’s awesome!
    Time to submit a request to the powers that be.

  3. kleer001 says:

    I predict there’s some kind of zoom function, channel lock, or clever ui whiz bang do dah to turn the touch screen into a reliable work horse. Then again I’m probably just biased with my big ham fist fingers.

  4. Enochrewt says:

    #4: Yeah, look at the size of his thumb compared to the sliders. You’d have to be crazy accurate to hit them in a dark auditorium.

    I do agree though, it’s an awesome step to not be tethered to the board and have to guess what everything sounds like.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You can also (of course) do this with an iPhone/iPodTouch easily enough .. I have mine set up with a VLC client going to my main Mac system running Ableton Live, and its very, very fun .. no more desk-enslavement for us electro muso’s, woot!

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    Wow that is extremely cool!
    I haven’t delved into doing stuff like THIS, but I have been very happy with my N810 tablet.

    It’s not as clumsy or random as an iPod.
    An elegant device, for a more…civilized age.

    -of user.

  7. FoetusNail says:

    You know, a thousand years ago you really didn’t miss much if you committed suicide. Your life was going to be pretty much the same, buckets of shit. Hell, you only lived to be about 30 or 40 anyway. But now, you can miss some really cool shit.

    Can’t die this week, must wait, Jobs making announcement…

  8. Anonymous says:

    1. N810 uses a stylus. It is not finger-only.
    2. He said he’s adjusting levels, which means he only has to adjust the faders, not the dials.

  9. historyman68 says:

    This is kind of the main reason I’m considering getting an iPod Touch instead of the vastly higher-storage iPod Classic – I want to be able to do shit like this. Does it seem like the App store will have this kind of thing? Is it worth it?

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