Sharp smashes together VHS and Blu-Ray in one $1,100 player

The Sharp Aquos BD-HDv22 combination Blu-Ray/VHS recorder. It's like smashing together an abacus and a Cray: people can't understand why you'd need the former when you've got the latter. Why in God's name would you watch VHS when you've already got Blu-Ray? But I've got a worn, dog-eared VHS copy of the 1975 Robert Mitchum version of Farewell, My Lovely — never released on DVD, let alone Blu-Ray — still sitting on my shelves. How sweet, how easy, to translate that grainy plastic brick into a nice Blu-Ray disc before the stock finally disintegrates. I understand, Sharp! And, I assume, so do all of the flabby, balding amateur pornographers who so bravely forged their bedroom careers in the early 80s: surely, they would like to transcribe their permed conquests to the next generation of medium. So there's surely a market for this. It might even be a practical, commonplace one.The BD-HDV22 also allows recording of television programs to a 250GB hard drive and full support for BD-R/RE, DVD-R/RW and DVD-R DL. In short, it's a fine all-around system that can handle anything you throw at it, short of Laser Disc. But you'll pay for all those formats: it's due to be released on October 20 for $1,100. Sharp didn't forget VHS, now marries it with Blu-Ray [Crunchgear]
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7 Responses to Sharp smashes together VHS and Blu-Ray in one $1,100 player

  1. jimkirk says:

    Tapeheads, apparently available on DVD! (I just put it on my birthday wish list.)

    Things I’d like on DVD include The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. I have the first two seasons on VHS. The third season I’ve never found. Not the best, but completeness compels me.

    GREAT! PBS used to have a show called Academy Shorts, showcasing films that won an award but were rarely seen since they weren’t in movie theaters. GREAT! is an animated biography of Isambard Kingdom Brunel by Bob Godfrey. Wonderful stuff, I can still hear some of the songs in my head “…you’re certain to be treated as a great success, by adopting an inordinately tall headdress…”

    If anyone has a source for this, please point me to it!

  2. Rufus McDufus says:

    “blueray I can understand, but what is that slot on the left for? VHS”

    It’s for older and irreplaceable VHS tapes such as family videos you dipsh*t

  3. Hamsterdunce says:

    For crap’s sake… there’s plenty of sub-$200 standard DVD/VCR combo boxes for transferring your old movies. Putting “Tapeheads” or “Max Headroom” (great old cruddy VHS flicks you can’t get on DVD!) on anything more than a 480p DVD is just a waste of resolution (and money).

  4. chromal says:

    blueray I can understand, but what is that slot on the left for? VHS? As in the old analog magnetic tape storage of NTSC video? How. Archaic.

  5. Anonymous says:

    smash up? More like train wreck with that price!

    This whole Blu-Ray thing is soooo monumentally stupid and overly priced.

  6. milovoo says:

    Sure, despite hating VHS on principle, how else would I ever watch “My 20th Century” or “Shampoo Horns”.

    Anyone else have favorites have never made it to DVD?

  7. Not a Doktor says:

    I made my dad a video cd of a car race and he got all angry about how come something like that never took off. I then had to explain to him I only put 45 min of video on there and anything longer than that would take two or more discs.

    Also I noticed it looked like a good vhs tape.

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