Dumping a sex doll is still littering

It's not illegal to kill a sex robot. Like the best girlfriends, they're already dead. But it is a misdemeanor to toss them out on the side of the road — and impolite to the Japanese police, who spent a few hours trying to identify this particular silicone succubus before realizing she wasn't a real human. Turns out she'd been the pliant partner of a 60-year-old man from Izu, who decided to toss the sex doll after deciding to move in with one of his children. He didn't have the heart to cut her up, he claims, but had no problem wrapping her in a sleeping bag and leaving her in a ditch. Even a silicone heart is softer than that. Man charged with dumping silicone girlfriend [Pink Tentacle]
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30 Responses to Dumping a sex doll is still littering

  1. CJ says:

    “It’s not illegal to kill a sex robot. Like the best girlfriends, they’re already dead.”

    Double take, there… did you really mean that second sentence? It seems really inappropriate.

  2. Tandem says:

    This comment section is like a dead girlfriend; it’s the gift that keeps on giving. <3

  3. Emily (daturazoku) says:

    Someone sounds a bit pissy because dead girls are the only ones he can get.

    Really fucking inappropriate. Keep /b/ humour where it belongs.

  4. Joel Johnson says:

    It’s time someone stood up for necrophiliacs!

  5. Piedmont says:

    I agree with the above sentiment. Really inappropriate. Inappropriate means funny, right?

  6. wcgreen says:

    #25: Please stop using the all-inclusive ‘we’ until you’ve polled all women. I thought it was funny.

  7. montauk says:

    The point to “dead girls don’t say no” is that they don’t say no to sex. It’s an argument for killing a girl before or after you rape her. I don’t think that’s funny.

    And I don’t think the implication that all the best girlfriends are dead ones is funny.

    For all of you suggesting that we “grow a skin” – we already have. The fact that we are offended doesn’t mean we’re crying on the floor. It means we don’t think that kind of comment is okay.

    I’m a female and I don’t want to read about how the best girlfriends are dead ones because they won’t refuse sex.

    #19 – Thanks for adding the “I don’t feel affected, so it’s unreasonable for anyone else to feel affected” argument. If we were in a room that someone was filling with poisonous gas, but only some people were affected, the thing to do is to turn off the gas for the sake of those who were choking, not keep it on because it wasn’t bothering everyone. No, I’m not ordering the “thought police” on everyone. But it’s one thing to make fun of Mac-users, for example, and it’s another thing to say the best girlfriends are dead ones.

    Oh, and by the way, #19:

    – 60% of women have experienced military sexual
    – 23% of women have experienced military sexual assault
    – 11% of women have experienced rape
    – 20% of women seeking care at VA facilities have experienced sexual trauma
    – 8.3 percentage of women report lifetime PTSD related to MST
    – More than half of the incidents took place at a military work site and during duty hours
    – The majority of the offenders in these cases were military personnel
    – Factors that increase risk of sexual assault for active duty females include presence of officers who condone or allow sexual harassment and unwanted sexual attention

    That’s from the US Department of Defense 2006 Annual Report on Military Services Sexual Assault. Maybe you should read it sometime. Maybe you should lend a little support to those 60% of military women who you say are so “irritating” that (you implied) they had the harassment coming.

  8. Tandem says:

    If a joke is about anyone other than a straight white male age 18-49, I find it extremely offensive.

    Please adjust all jokes accordingly.

  9. John Brownlee says:

    I don’t see what the fuss is about. I’ll never forget the day my father lay his wise and mighty hand upon my shoulder and, making sure my mother was out of earshot, first imparted the only rutting advice a Brownlee man has ever needed to undertake his tutelage in the mysteries of the flesh: “Just remember, son. Dead girls don’t say no.”

  10. Agies says:

    You see, this is how the pilot episode of CSI: Peoria should begin: abandoned sex doll leads to dead guy in his appartment, cue The Who’s Pinball Wizard.

  11. themindfantastic says:

    Perhaps the dead gf statement was inappropriate, but I still laughed. And then I think I saw ‘kissed’ far too many times, Molly Parker making out with dead guys super hot.

    Though ya know there could be a wonderful opportunity here for a side business, the pickup of old sex dolls, would it be better though to disposal, or refurbishment? Both sounds particularly ‘creepy’ and your talking to a guy who loved ‘Kissed’. Maybe even dead girlfriends need respect and love…

  12. Downpressor says:

    So if he likes em cold, he’s guilty of violating all the airy-fairy politically correct values the dead fought so hard to get in the first place?

    But back on topic, what really worries me about this isnt the old man and his sex doll, its the Japanese cops who actually sent the sex doll to the coroners office. Its a good thing that Japan is crime free cuz our cops make Inspector Clouseau look like Sherlock Holmes.

  13. crimeshark says:

    Well, there are at least three guys who agree with you about the best girlfriends being dead.

    The downside is they all hail from some crap-hole in Wisconsin:


    Can’t have everything, right?

  14. monkeysnak says:

    Inappropriate? You’re reading an article about a discarded sex doll, fergodsake… I wish someone would discard a sense of humor that you could find on the side of the road.

  15. Anonymous says:

    there is no such thing as a joke that is not funny, or a joke that is not OK.

    It’s all down to your perception. Maybe its not okay for YOU or not funny for YOU. but there is no such thing as inappropriate.


  16. JG says:

    How sad and such a waste!!
    She could have been recycled into dozens of ‘fleshlights’ for the poor’!

  17. zuzu says:

    Really fucking inappropriate.

    You oversensitive twats are like the people who say popcorn in the office is “unprofessional”. Grow some skin and learn to laugh, already.

  18. Robert says:

    I thought it was in poor taste, and could have been left out without losing any of the humor in the article. I don’t think saying “girlfriends” is any more appropriate than using “Jews” or “Americans” or “Belgians” or “Joel Johnsons”.

    Yes, I have a sense of humor. Yes, I realize the comment was not intended to be taken seriously. It just crosses a line. After all, there are slightly under 50% females in the world, and they are all potential girlfriends.

    Er… that didn’t come out quite right.

  19. Enochrewt says:

    After everything that’s been said on this site this is what you find inappropriate? Wow.

  20. Nitori says:

    It took them hours to realize it’s a doll WTF are those cops retarded?
    I figure it would only take a few minutes to realize
    it’s plastic.

  21. Daemon says:

    #1 and others: I’m pretty sure it’s a referance to the old saying “Dead girls can’t say no.” Though I have no idea where in hades that saying actually originated – a quick googling links to a short story and a song title, amongst other possibilities.

  22. Dewi Morgan says:

    I find the kneejerk uptightness about humour far, far more offensive than any poor-taste humour could ever be.

    Would you have been as uptight if the term had been “boyfriends”? If not, why not? Abuse of women is held as something terrible, but abuse of men is seen as comic relief. Is this a bad thing? I hate misandry, but hey, I’m still happy with humour, even if it gives me a twinge of irritation every time I see some guy smacked around to canned laughter on a TV and ask myself “would they laugh if it was a woman?”

    Not thinking a joke is funny, I don’t have a problem with. Not thinking a joke is “okay”… is not okay. Why would I get all uptight about it and tell people off for making the joke or for laughing? I would be discriminating about their humour.

    And while gender will eventually be a thing of the past, a negotiable aspect of our personas, I don’t think anyone ever wants to get rid of humour.

    Freedom of speech is critical. If someone has been abused, to the point where they gets crippling flashbacks triggered at even the thought of sexual abuse, where they are unable to leave the house some days from terror, where they feel themselves worthless and are so depressed as to be unable to even consider finding help… even then, they have no right to say “Type X humour is not OK”. At most, they can say “Type X humour is not OK in my house.”

    Once people feel they can demand that only certain types of humour are permissible, on the basis of their own weaknesses, then truly the meek have inherited the earth, and the rest of us need to find another planet.

    A man I greatly admire, Richard Gariott, a game designer and recently an astronaut, made a series of games (the Ultima series). In one game, you could kill some children, but it was *your choice* to do so. A moral dilemma. The first time there was an outcry, moral outrage. He stuck by his guns, and every subsequent Ultima had killable kids in.

    tl;dt: hopefully we’ll see more necrophilia jokes around here. Sexy Losers is funny.

  23. Emily (daturazoku) says:

    Yeah, this is something that’s pretty fucking offensive. I don’t come on and read BoingBoing to hear misogynistic assholes spew off jokes that are meant to humiliate and insult women. I get enough of that shit in my daily life.

    And despite being run mostly by men, misogynism is not normally a trait of the BoingBoing staff and I respect it for that. If I have somehow missed the mark and they are indeed all shitheads like Joel and John up there then I don’t need to be reading this website anymore. They wouldn’t’ve said the same thing with ‘black man’ or ‘homosexual’ instead so why the fuck do they think it’s funny to say it about women?

  24. AirPillo says:

    If you came to BB Gadgets expecting political correctness, I think you took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

    Have you seen the humor here before?

  25. zuzu says:

    It wasn’t about all women, it was about the girlfriends Joel (jokingly) prefers.

    You’re seeing enemies where they don’t exist; looking for a fight based on identity politics. But to paraphrase the premiere of the 5th season of House M.D., you’re in the trenches but the war is over.

    Go read some Donna Haraway and we can continue this after you’ve realized that third-wave / post-feminism already happened in the 1990s. The second-wave womynist stuff is beyond tired; stop trying to resuscitate it.

  26. zanbowser says:

    What if he said “like the best boyfriends?” Would that be better? I mean, sure, you’d have a hard time… well, maybe not a “hard” time, per se… but… y’know… difficulty.

    But if you steamed off all the decaying bits, there are still plenty of holes in the skeleton.

    Just trying to help… since, y’know, we haven’t offended everyone yet, have we? Hello? Internets?

    The thing that I find funniest about Emily’s first comment is that she breaks Rules #1 AND #2 while totally dumping on Rule #34. How sad.

    Also, in b4 CP… lulz.

  27. phlavor says:

    What a waste. If you can’t sell it on craigslist at least give it to Goodwill.

  28. Tenn says:

    Yeah, this is something that’s pretty fucking offensive. I don’t come on and read BoingBoing to hear misogynistic assholes spew off jokes that are meant to humiliate and insult women. I get enough of that shit in my daily life.

    You really get a lot of misogynism directed at you? Sorry for my incredulity, but maybe it’s your attitude.

    I’m a woman, I’m in military programs which put me at the boot of a drill sergeant pretty consistently, and while there is an occasional remark (which I retort to in an appropriate way, usually Yeah, and eff you too, or, well Drill Sergeant I’m sure you WOULD think that of women, since you only see them on TV) etc. But those remarks are rare, and usually more – or -less joking. I spend a lot of time with men, and I’ve noticed that there are very few women who get consistently harassed- and they usually are irritating beyond belief.

    Besides, the joke if anything was on Joel himself. Dead girls can’t say no; Joel goes for the dead girls because they’re the only ones who settle for him; etc.

  29. Daniel Rutter says:

    I like my women the way I like my coffee.

  30. eustace says:

    I’m amazed that not one person read that joke as; the one who is remembered as the best, the one your current girlfriend just can’t compete with, etc. That seems more obvious and tasteful.

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