Gadget Lab installs OS X on the Wind, says it runs better than XP

Pausing only to subtly point out what worthless turds Wired's commenters are, Gadget Lab's Charlie Sorrel has posted a fantastic write-up of his experience installing OS X on the MSI Wind. What caught my attention was not the project itself — everyone knows it can be done — or the instructions — it's basically as easy as downloading a package and preparing a USB thumb drive — but Charlie's observations on performance:
All in all, it actually runs OS X a lot faster than XP.
That's almost unfathomable to me: the latest versions of Leopard run like a hobbled, bipedal hog even on my first-gen MacBook Pro. But if true, that's simply Holy Grail: I can deal with a third-party WiFi program and a dead headphone jack for a paperback sized Mac. It Lives! Gadget Lab's Netbook Running OS X Leopard [Gadget Lab]
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8 Responses to Gadget Lab installs OS X on the Wind, says it runs better than XP

  1. Piedmont says:

    Over at InsanelyMac they’ve about got it going on the new Dell Mini 9. Benchmarks are looking better than stock XP as well. Here’s hoping they get it perfected by the time mine comes at the end of the month.

  2. PrettyBoyTim says:

    But how do you measure ‘how fast’ it runs XP as compared to OS X?

    Are they talking about boot time?

  3. blip says:

    “he latest versions of Leopard run like a hobbled, bipedal hog…”

    Not on my Macbook 1st Gen it doesn’t.

  4. vamidus says:

    OMG! Good job!
    Hope these folks don’t get sued for violating that silly license thingy where one is only allowed to install Apple software on Apple-branded hardware.

  5. matt_w says:

    i wonder how it would go on a hp mini note? its using a via chip though, not a intel…

  6. Rajio says:

    Vista runs better on the wind than the stock XP installation too.

  7. mistercharlie says:

    It seems crazy but it’s true. The guys helping me out said that it’s because Unix cares more for memory than for processor power, so the Atom doesn’t slow it down. XP is the opposite.

    And If I swap the Wi-Fi card for an Apple compatible model, the usual airport stuff will work, too.

    EULAs and all — nobody’s going to sue an individual. It’s people like Psystar Apple is interested in.

    Buy one, Brownlee! The only thing slowing down your old Mac is all the porn and the resulting gunk in the keyboard.

  8. dssstrkl says:

    You might be doing it wrong: 10.5 runs like butter on my RevA macbook pro.

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