Google Android phone's 3G will work in these cities

T-Mobile just announced where its first 3G deployments will occur, all of which should be online by the end of the year:
T-Mobile’s UMTS/HSDPA high-speed data network is currently available across 13 major metropolitan markets: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, New York (including northern New Jersey and Long Island), Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio and San Diego. The company plans to expand its service by mid-October to additional markets, including Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Francisco and Seattle. An additional six markets – Birmingham, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Memphis and Tampa – are expected to have the network available before the end of the year, increasing the number of markets with T-Mobile’s 3G network to 27 markets.
Data will continue to work in other T-Mobile markets, of course, but will failover to EDGE.
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2 Responses to Google Android phone's 3G will work in these cities

  1. Enochrewt says:

    Wow, I’m glad I didn’t wait for the Android and then switch carriers when it came out. I mean I want it, but to get one and then find out there’s no 3G in my city until the end of the year, that’s rough.

    I know I’ll regret my choice in 10 months though.

  2. styrofoam says:

    Dang it- this is what I get for living in Saint Paul. I don’t know if I want to drive over to the suburb just to use 3G.

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