SmoothCreations' custom-painted Wedge netbooks

SmoothCreations is marketing its $500 custom painted Wedge netbook to "those unique souls that want to make a powerful yet subtle statement." That's just a triumph of PR purple prose, isn't it? It's true: nothing shows the the delicate latticing of crystalline emotions imbued into your snowflake-like soul better than a triumvirate of cackling skulls, or perhaps a dragon popping a wheelie on a monster truck. One thing's for sure: the Wedge's specs aren't going to show uniqueness in anything... it's just the bog standard 1.6 Atom CPU with a 10-inch display and 1GB of RAM. Introducing the Smoothcreations Netbook Wedge [Tweaktown via Engadget]
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6 Responses to SmoothCreations' custom-painted Wedge netbooks

  1. Anonymous says:

    #3: I think we can assume that this company didn’t redesign the form factor to increase the screen size 1.1 inches. The difference in screen sizes is likely just the creative ways that specifications can be reported.

    It might be a 10 inch screen, but only 8.9 inches viewable. Or it might be a diagonal vs. horizontal measurement.

  2. E0157H7 says:

    Nice, but not as classy as my Bawidamann sticker.

  3. Baldhead says:

    Well just about everyone who gets a skull tattoo thinks they’re being clever in doing so. I’m amazed at how much people are willing to conform in the name of non- conformity.

  4. TariAkpodiete says:

    @slybevel: you may well be correct, BUT, i note that these units are supposed to come with a 10″ screen while Acer Aspire One’s only come with a 8.9″ screen. i’m loving mine, with XP on it.

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    Unfortunately that statement is: “I broke my skateboard”.

  6. SlyBevel says:

    You can save yourself roughly 1.6 C-notes just by buying a stock standard Acer Aspire One netbook. The orange hinge ring on the model above is a dead giveaway that these folks are just buying Aspire Ones, slapping some art on them, and marking them up $150.

    Which is fine with me. Yay entrepreneurship. But you don’t get 1337 cred for this. No, that would take designing the art yourself and then using a CO2 laser to do the etching. Then you can get yourself BOINGed and MAKEd!

    In white:

    In blue:

    (I don’t work for Acer or Walmart, but I do like my AA1 quite a little bit. Bump the RAM, install XP Pro, hack in bluetooth, you’re ready to go.)

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