Verterra dishes and bowls made from pressed leaves

Verterra makes a whole line of dishes from fallen leaves and water, completely reusable — until they aren't, after which they can be composted in as little as three months. They're microwave-, refrigerator-, and oven-safe, but likely not dishwasher-safe since they don't mention it. I'm going to order a set and try them out in the dishwasher, though. I must know. The set I'm ordering — 9-inch hexagonal plates — cost $12 plus shipping for a 10-pack. Don't know why I'm so stoked about trying these, but that's the sort of dork I am these days. It doesn't hurt that they're very attractive. Product page [ via Josh Spear] PreviousLeaf Bowls of India
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17 Responses to Verterra dishes and bowls made from pressed leaves

  1. El Mariachi says:

    There exists similarly attractive semi-disposable dishware made of bamboo. Whole Foods carries some, but I’m pretty sure the plates cost more than $1.20 if you buy them from there.

  2. Rusted Monk says:

    This is a very interesting concept, but the issue with how “Eco-Friendly” they are could be called into question when you factor in the Shipping from Asia, where these are manufactured, and then the carbon footprint getting these to your doorstep. I would not be surprised if you start seeing some clever folks doing this on a local level with regionally produced leaf waste.

  3. sheshe says:

    aww ii would order those if i could use them for a few months a piece, but on the about us/product page they call them “the most durable and versatile single-use product available.” darn single-use!

  4. Downpressor says:


    Surely you will compost these along with last month’s dead girlfriend right?

  5. dculberson says:

    Skep, the energy cost difference is much less than you would think. BB had a comparison of styrofoam versus ceramic mugs, and it take a long, long time for the ceramic mug to overtake the styrofoam. Of course, that’s not accounting for all the nasty styrofoam you have to dispose of. But these wouldn’t have that problem.

  6. buboes_in_diplopia says:

    Are they wild-cherry-thing safe?

  7. pupdog says:

    Compost-friendly anything doesn’t fare well with the heat and water of a dishwasher. Take this from teh guy that accidentally washed a corn-based fork with his regular dishes…

  8. Enochrewt says:

    Not only do they compost, the the bowls levitate!! WOW!

    I’m also envisioning one of the most hilarious BBG product reviews in history, and then a deluge of new dishwasher tech posts while Joel picks out a new one.

  9. Not a Doktor says:

    Yay now a respectable looking disposable dish. Now no more bitching from the bitches at the tailgate.

  10. Soleus says:

    @dculberson have you seen this? Ecovative is developing bio based styrofoam, made from what would have been agricultural waste.

    @B I D They stain just like anything else would stain that’s a porous material. But they can be washed clean for eating, no problem. Adds character, yeah that’s it! :-9

  11. strider_mt2k says:

    Joel, you’re enthusiastic and willing to try new things.
    -and on a tech blog.

    You’re among friends!

    Let us know if you end up with a dishwasher full of fully reconstituted leaves! :D

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Haha, I want someone to make plates out of acorns that after a full cycle cause your dishwasher to explode in a burst of oak saplings.

  12. Skep says:

    You know what is really environmentally friendly? Stuff that you use over and over again because it last a really long time. Ceramic dishes? Ceramics do take heat to make, so there is some impact, but they last for years.

    These dodads look like fun, but their compostability is probably not as friendly as something that is used longer and is less compost friendly.

  13. Soleus says:

    Interesting point, Rusted Monk. I’ll ask the CEO what his take is on that, and post back here.

  14. mightymouse1584 says:

    keep us updated. If they’re safe in the dishwasher then i’m in for a set.

  15. 5000! says:

    I thought these looked pretty cool too, but I found out about them via such a spammy, obviously fake PR-flack comment on one of my Metblogs posts that I decided to boycott them. I suppose being eco-conscious should take precedence over being petulant, so maybe I’ll give them a second look.

  16. Soleus says:

    Ha ha, I love your creative imaginations! I consult for Verterra, and a few things:

    @sheshe They can’t legally call them anything other than single use. But they are, for sure. I’ve had a set for 2 months, and have used many of them, multiple times.

    @skep You’re absolutely right, but for when there’s times that having full regular plates just isn’t practical (like a picnic, festival, or large event) these will do the trick nicely.

    @All They’re not dishwashable, but hand washable, absolutely. Some may warp a bit when drying, but if you put hot food on them, they tend to poing back into shape.

    Have any other questions? I’ll check back.

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