$1,000 motorized wine squirting bladder

Born Rich's headline: "Store and serve wines in style with Skybar Wine Cabinet." I can't think of anything less stylish, though, than squirting out wine like mustard. Oh, it does more than that: precisely measured internal temperatures tied to LED displays and vacuum seals that keep open bottles of wine good for up to 10 days. But wine should be poured, not sprayed out of a $1,000, mahogany-entombed mechanical bladder. Skybar Wine Cabinet [Front Gate via Born Rich]
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7 Responses to $1,000 motorized wine squirting bladder

  1. Agies says:

    I’m not convinced that it doesn’t technically pour out of the spout rather than spray.

  2. adamrice says:

    I do hope the Skybar can be bought from Skymall.

  3. Bloodboiler says:

    No thanks. I already have my bottles of Bordeaux 1787 Chateau Lafite hooked up to a soda fountain. The large Coca cola paper cups I snatched from a gas station are perfect for serving it.

  4. CoffeeGeek says:

    You may poke fun at this, but the fact is, serious wine bars have systems similar to this installed that can cost $15K or more. In Vancouver, there’s a few with 18 and 20 bottle systems, pump, nitrogen replacement, the works, and the installs cost about $25K each.

    I’d say $1K for a 3 bottle system is fairly cheap – if it works as advertised.

  5. Not a Doktor says:

    mm wine slurpee

    (freeze MD 20/20 outside of the glass bottle for about 45 min)

    knock you on your ass delicousness

  6. Thad E Ginataom says:

    Don’t we all have perfectly good bladders to squirt wine out of?

    After drinking it, of course…

  7. Drito says:

    quel horreur…

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