Sorapot reviewed. Verdict: good, with minor flaws about the spout

Yanko reviews the attractive Sorapot, a teapot for modern minimalist types, and finds it to its liking. Joey Roth's Pyrex-esque design wins for its simplicity, lack of taste-affecting materials and easy clean-up, but loses marks for its tiny size (you only get two cups), lack of a spout lid to prevent heat escaping, and a sieve that lets fine leaves through. It's also $200, which is art-expensive. Me, I'll stick with the brown betty. It’s Tea Time! Sorapot Review [Yanko]

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13 Responses to Sorapot reviewed. Verdict: good, with minor flaws about the spout

  1. nerd rage blackout says:

    I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to smoke weed out of that.

  2. mdh says:

    I make my coffee a cup at a time, but it’s too flash for me.

  3. dculberson says:

    Other than the spout, it would seem to be the ideal container for a facehugger fetus.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this remind me those ancient Chinese urinal. It shape just like it. I definitely not going to get one..

  5. hohum says:

    I love it! $200 is kind of steep for a struggling artist with an incurable tea addiction though. I’m sure the Brown Betty steeps up a good pot, but it would look horribly out of place in my humble spot. I’ve used a French press to make tea before and never have i noticed it being too tannic – however, I rarely am offended by tannins in tea or wine… Tannic coffee, however….

    Anyway, this is the pot I want right now… Or one of the Bodums with the glass filter.

  6. MrsBug says:

    @#9 I had one of those Bodums with the glass filter and, alas, the filter breaks easily. :(

  7. jjasper says:

    A French press works just fine.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is the coolest teapot I’ve ever seen. Definitely going on the holiday list. Thanks BB!

  9. sonny p fontaine says:

    the lack of scale in the image made me think it was a really cool coke vial.

  10. Chris Schmidt says:

    I agree with Rob. I Imported a real brown betty from the UK a few years ago and it’s become one of my favorite things in my apartment.

  11. Tommy says:

    $200? Ummm, no thanks. (Pats his mustard-yellow Beehouse.)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why would a french press release too much tannin? Because you squeeze the leaves? – I don’t think that has much effect, at least not as much as tea steeping time does.

  13. Rob Beschizza says:

    Wouldn’t a french press release too much tannin for tea?

    Chris knows his tea.

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