The ultimate LEGO Star Wars diorama

A Star Wars LEGO diorama of staggering complexity, constructed with obsessive compulsive precision by Flickr user roguebantha_1138. "Welcome to Mustaneer! (It's not as distant as Mustafar.) Basically, it's a Rebel attack on an Imperial base and mining installation." At 1:200 scale, this is the exact same sort of Star Wars scene I imagined constructing when breaking out the old cardboard box of LEGOs from the floor closet as a boy. Unfortunately, by the time I'd completed one plastic rainbow AT-AT's leg, I'd usually run out of the base materials. Rebel Attack! [Flickr via Slippery Brick]
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2 Responses to The ultimate LEGO Star Wars diorama

  1. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    That is most cool.
    A different war on a different planet could be fought with this Lego Aircraft Carrier.

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    I can’t repel coolness of that magnitude!

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