Broseley's contemporary wood-burning stoves

Broseley Fires makes a variety of modern wood- and gas-burning stoves including these above examples which I find lovely and terrifying all at once. Something about seeing a primal force in such a fancy, soon-to-be-dated thing puts me ill at ease. Relatedly, fire is hot and I like it. And the big, round brass-finished one looks like it was crafted from the scavenged button of a ice giant's waistcoat. Contemporary Stove Range [ via Appliancist]
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8 Responses to Broseley's contemporary wood-burning stoves

  1. Anonymous says:

    Google “fireorb hanging stove”.

    I was gonna say “google rocket stove” so you could see the incredible steel and brass fireplace shaped like a rocketship that hangs by from chains from the ceiling that some British smiths made, but the semantic web has eaten it.


  2. chimera says:

    Hmm. I live near a Broseley, turns out they’re based right on my doorstep in Shrewsbury. How cool!

  3. Duffong says:

    They all look like they’ve had a flat panel tv installed showing fire video.

    I like the very left one.

  4. Jake0748 says:

    Duffong, exactly what I was going to say about the flat-panel tv, especially the center one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    marshmallow’s yeeeessssss marshmallow’s

  6. Not a Doktor says:

    Still the best way on getting rid of incriminating evidence.

  7. michaelportent says:

    It actually burns outdated flat-panel TVs. Sleek design, environmentally friendly! ;-)

  8. randalll says:

    wow, the one on the right has impressively vertical flames. what are the odds of replicating that at home?

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