Electro Selectro: gadget and car ad scans from November 1967 NatGeo

I scanned in a bunch of the ads from the November, 1967 edition of National Geographic. I left out the travel and food ads, but that still left about 20 pages of cars and gadgets, including this gem from Panasonic. Electro Selectro group [Flickr] (You can add your own retro gadget ad scans if you want!) Previously"I Love My Electric Appliance!" Vintage Advertisement
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6 Responses to Electro Selectro: gadget and car ad scans from November 1967 NatGeo

  1. mgfarrelly says:

    Typo. Where it says “death” they clearly meant “birth”

    I love the old wooden radiation machines. A tv that can double as a sideboard? Lovely.

  2. Dillenger69 says:

    I love those old console TVs.
    There’s nothing having your TV as close to the floor as possible.

  3. jathomas says:

    I know the earphone they’re talking about, too! Whitish/beige, twisted cord… one earplug which looks like a khaki mushroom…

  4. Trent Hawkins says:

    that TV will go great next to my death ray in my secret volcano base.

  5. bobsyeruncle says:

    A fireplace in your Buick? Luxury! LOL.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Naturally, That is one ugly TV.

    The ad copy shouldn’t have dwelled on beauty, but on practicality. On a picnic, you want the TV to look up from you a bit, and you do not want to do a reach around to deal with volume or channels.
    It is, with an important exception, a fairly decent design for the car, outdoor outings, the ball game, the kitchen, anywhere you can’t live for one freaking second without your precious idiot box.

    But likewise, on the impractical nature, I bet most of those that sold, had beer or soda spilled into the speaker within a year.

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